7 Books Capricorns Should Read!

Capricorns are resilient, ambitious, and hardworking individuals. Here are 7 books you need to be reading this winter if you are a Capricorn!

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For this winter, Capricorns are in for a treat! We here at Bookstr, are doing a zodiac series for each sign. We have an array of books straining from romance, mystery, fantasy, and poetry prose.

1. Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Novels and Stories, Volume I

7 Books Capricorn's Should Read in the Winter-- Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Novels and Stories, Volume I red rust color with an eye in the middle

Capricorns are hardworking and ambitious so is it a shock that this collection will throw you in a loop of the mystery of classic tales?!

Our beloved Detective Sherlock Holmes has to be a Capricorn at heart, so what better way to start the list than a grand list of Sherlock Holmes stories? In this collection, you will have two volumes, 56 short stories, and four novels.

2. Edgar Allan Poe: The Ultimate Collection

Edgar Allan Poe: The Ultimate Collection-- black crow-- book cover

Edgar Allan Poe is actually a Capricorn so what better book to read is this collection of poetry and short stories?

These tales are filled with mystery and gothic terror. Poe is considered an inventor of the detective fiction genre and contributed to the genre of science fiction. Capricorns are hard workers at heart, so is it really a shock, Poe was the first well-known writer to make good money on his writing? He was the first to make money solely on his writing craft. 

3. Into the Wild

Into the Wild-- book cover-- bus

Capricorns as stated previously are naturally hard workers and strive for something more in life.

Into the Wild is a wild ride to endure. It was based on Christopher Johnson McCandless’s life who was found dead in the wilderness after giving away his savings to charity, burning his cash, and abounding most of his possessions. A moose hunter found his decomposed body four months later. 

After graduating college in 1991, McCandless traveled through the West and Southwest as he liked the idea of adventures through survival. After abandoning everything he owned on his back, he changed his identity to Alexander Supertramp. He began his journey of raw, unfiltered nature presented, and he entered the wild without a map or a goodbye to his family. Although determined, McCandless didn’t realize how fatal this new living could be. 

Jon Krakauer uses facts about what McCandless did, while also doing some investigating on what could have happened. 

4. Reign the Earth (The Elementae)

Reign the Earth

Capricorns are a part of the Earth zodiac family, so what better way to celebrate this than by reading Reign the Earth (The Elementae)

Shalia has only been happy living in the desert but after years of battle with the adjoining kingdom, they are sick and tired of suffering against this violence. Shalia is willing to trade her freedom if she can save her people. She becomes the queen of the Bone Lands, a country in which magic is not accepted and the Earth, Air, Fire, and Water bearers– the Elementae are considered traitors. The problem is… Shalia soon discovered she can control the Earth. Suffering with this newfound gift, she must balance either saving her family, the Elementae, or herself. 

5. The Marriage Game

The Marriage Game-- book cover two people above 3 buildings

Now if you are looking for a romance… step into the world of The Marriage Game! When it comes to romance– Capricorns only take it seriously, it’s long-term, so when they know the relationship is worth fighting for, they will do the most!

We have a backdrop of a romantic comedy in the making where seriousness and comedy can blend together. 

Layla’s father only wants what’s best for her, so when she returns home, he has set her up on a handful of blind dates without her knowledge. He offers her an office upstairs from his splendid Michelin-starred Indian restaurant. 

Meanwhile, Sam, a CEO is more prone to convoluted conflicts than calm. Because his company is downsizing, he’s on the lookout for a tiny quaint office. His perfect match is above Layla’s father’s Indian restaurant. Miscommunication takes this story to the next level, and Sam has to share the space with the ever-so-stubborn Layla, her possible romantic partner, and her strange family. A lot of things can happen in a cramped office. So when sly jokes and sarcasm is the reason why sparks fly, Layla and Sam are not sure if this is the start of a love story or just a game destined to end.

6. Finish This Book

Finish This Book-- missing letters of I's and O's

Want to create your own book? Here’s an interactive journal in which you create your own story alongside author Keri Smith. She found scattered pages at the park. As she collects the pages, a story begins to form, yet she needs some help. The readers. Your mission is to help continue the research for this story. Capricorns are going to love this mystery!

7. Capricorn: The Art of Living Well and Finding Happiness According to Your Star Sign

Capricorn: The Art of Living Well and Finding Happiness According to Your Star Sign-- book cover

We’re closing this list off with a Capricorn-enthused book. Within this telling, you will fully understand yourself a little more with insight into hidden traits, and how to improve your mental health. 

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