‘Winged’ Is a Heartwarming Webtoon about Birds

A simple, heartwarming Webtoon is sometimes all you need to read. ‘Winged’ is an adorable short story comic that is about two birds finding freedom.

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A short heartwarming tale is a good bite to read. Webtoon has many short stories including Winged, a cute comic about two different kinds of birds going on an adventure. Creator Laica Chrose updates randomly, but know that this short story is still ongoing. Prepare for a little drama, action, and adorable romance nuances.



A wondrous little dove is sheltered in a cage and encounters a wild crow. He is wild and a lone survivor. In a world where humans’ affection and hatred can be curses, the dove wants to find her freedom.

Meet the Two Birds



The crow had a flock who he called his family. But the humans have destroyed them, leaving him the only survivor. He doesn’t trust humans and feels that freedom is when you are in the sky. When he notices a dove caged in a human’s manor, he believes she is pampered and doesn’t want to escape the humans’ praises. However, a few events leads him to helping her learn about the outside world, all while feeling the urge to care and protect her.



She has been praised for being a beautiful gem that is well behaved. She is never taken, out only by her owner who lets his friends get a glimpse. She is idolized and on display. She is alone and has no friends. Then one day a Crow swoops by her window and makes mockery of her lifestyle. However, she is curious and wants to know more about the outside world. When she gets a taste of how cruel humans can be, she does all she can to protect him, all which leads to her escape from the gilded cage.

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