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‘The Poet X’: WOC Representation and Sexual Tropes / ‘Poet X’: Representación de MDC y Tropos Sexuales

For decades WOC representation have been plagued by hypersexualized tropes; the end result being flat characters. This Hispanic Heritage Month we look at The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo; a novel that highlights proper representation and flips those age old tropes on their head.

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You Can’t Miss these New YA Titles

It’s the best time of the week again! New books are here to take over your TBR list and your shelf, and you don’t want to miss these new books. All five of these YA novels are unique with great new characters, and there is even some suspense and romance. Who doesn’t love suspense and romance in a book? That’s why you keep reading, to know what happens, so pick these up and see how these stories end.


  1. More Than Just a Pretty Face by Syed M. Masood

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More Than Just a Pretty Face tells the story of Danyal Jilani who is going to be a great chef one day. Unfortunately, much to his father’s dismay, he isn’t the smartest kid in school and his dad doesn’t approve of his passion for cooking. However, the only opinion that matters is Kaval’s, who is his long time crush, but her parents don’t think Danyal is a suitable mate for an arranged marriage. So, when Danyal gets the chance to do Renaissance Man, which is a school-wide academic championship, he uses it as a chance to prove to everyone he is smarter than they think. In order to do this right, he enlists the help of the brilliant Bisma, and as they spend time together Danyal realizes that his happiness could be right in front of him.

2. Bookish and the Beast by Ashley Poston

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Bookish and the Beast tells the story of two teens, Rosie Thorne and Vance Reigns. Rosie has felt stuck since the death of her mother, and now is the time for her to fill out applications for college but her mind is focused on other things. The only place she used to find peace of mind was in her mom’s library, but due to hospital bills, they had to sell off the books, including the Starfield novels. However, Rosie can’t stop thinking about the cosplayer she met at ExcelsiCon. This brings us to Vance, who is considered Hollywood royalty, but a scandal catches up to him and he is forced to hide in a small town. When the two cross paths, a rare book is destroyed and Rosie has to work to repay the debt, and she can’t stand Vance the jerk. On the bright side, he can’t stand her either. Then, the two get to know each other more and they learn it might be best to let each other in, instead of blocking each other out.

3. Don’t Ask Me Where I’m From by Jennifer De Leon

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Don’t Ask Me Where I’m From tells the story of Liliana, who appears to be just fine, but she has a lot going on. Her best friend only cares about her boyfriend, her dad left, again, her brothers are annoying, and her mom appears to be getting crazier. However, before her dead left, he enrolled her in a school desegregation program called METCO, and now she is being uprooted from her inner-city school where being half Guatemalan and half Salvadorian wasn’t a big deal, but now in this new school she stands out, in a sea of white faces. Liliana soon learns that the only way to make it through this school is to whiten up. Her dad enrolled her in the school to thrive, even if that means being called Lili and acting as if she’s better than her old friends. Like everything else in her life, doing that is just fine, but then she learns that her dad can’t come home because he’s undocumented and he’s going to be deported. Now, everything Liliana was trying to hold together is coming apart, and she doesn’t care about whitening up anymore. She’s ready to let everyone know where she is from.

4. The Companion by Katie Alender

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The Companion tells the story of Margot, who is described as being the lucky one to everyone in the orphanage. She survived the accident that killed her family,  and she gets her own room because of her night terrors. Now, she is luckier because she was chosen to live with a prestigious family on their country estate. Margot was handpicked by the Sutton family to be a companion to their mute daughter Agatha. She helps out with Agatha and she befriends Agatha’s older brother. However, it isn’t long until the house begins to play tricks on Margot, making her second guess herself and the Suttons.

5. Now That I’ve Found You by Kristina Forest

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Now That I’ve Found You tells the story of Evie Jones, granddaughter of the famous Evelyn Conway. It is now Evie’s time to shine, but that is until she is betrayed by a friend and blacklisted. To make a comeback, Evie, asks her grandmother, or Gigi to make a public appearance with her, even though Gigi hasn’t been in the spotlight for twenty years. Unfortunately, the day before they are set to appear together, Gigi goes missing. So, Evie has no choice but to get the help of Milo Williams, to help find her grandmother. They search all of New York City, and along the way, Evie learns some things about her grandmother and herself.

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