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Watch ‘New Girl’ Star Zooey Deschanel and Jonathan Scott Read a Kid’s Book!

Zooey Deschanel and Property Brothers star Jonathan Silver Scott recently did a live reading of him and his brother’s children’s book, “Builder Brothers: Big Plans,” on Facebook!  Before they did the reading, they joked, “We have big plans to read “Big Plans,” ’cause we were so busy, we had to clear our schedules.”  Deschanel remarked that she is busy since she’s been home taking care of her kids.


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The couple spent the video going back and forth between pages, doing their own impressions of the characters and then showing the page they just read for any children in the audience.  They seemingly get into the book itself, with some side comments for the adults.  At one point they both read a line together with a lot of energy.  Though they do fib some lines at times, it doesn’t detract from the story-telling too much.  It was very enjoyable to watch.


At the end of the book, Scott shows a plan for building a birdhouse, holding up the image for any viewers who want to take a screenshot.  Deschanel then started a discussion about the book, asking how the builders knew the holes for the door and windows wouldn’t be too small.  Scott quips back with a self-critical joke that he and his brother aren’t the smartest tools in the shed, or the sharpest avocados in the basket.  Deschanel corrects him: “Or the sharpest knife in the drawer,” before they say goodbye.


image via eric mccandless on house beautiful


Zooey and Jonathan are also sharing what they’re doing while trying to maintain social distancing and stay at home.  On March 27, Jonathan posted on Instagram, “Don’t let our smiles fool you, we both play to win!  How are you spending your time as we all stay #hometogether? @zooeydeschanel and I have been playing games, making music, and of course doing puzzles.,” along with some photos.



Everyone that is at home is doing all sorts of things while we try to maintain social distancing.  It seems that Zooey and Jonathan are keeping themselves busy!  If you’d like to watch their Facebook video on the book reading, you can go to their post here.


featured image via e! news

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Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower Is Publishing a Book

Whistleblowers have been getting a fair bit of attention in the new recently. Edward Snowden’s memoir Permanent Record hit stores earlier in September. The currently unidentified whistleblower who broke the story about Donald Trump’s connections with the Ukrainian government sparked an impeachment inquiry against the President. And now, Christopher Wylie, the whistleblower who broke the story about Cambridge Analytica has written his own memoir about the scandal that is slated to release Oct. 8.


image via random house


You might remember Cambridge Analytica as the data-mining firm that found itself at the center of a political scandal in early 2018. Wylie revealed CA had harvested tons of Facebook users’ personal information without their knowledge or consent for use in political campaigns.



In particular, Donald Trump and Texas Senator Ted Cruz were discovered to be working directly with Cambridge Analytica. It was a watershed moment in how the public thinks about the personal data they post online, and Facebook’s reputation has never quite recovered. In the documents Wylie supplied to reporters, Cambridge Analytica was even implicated in influencing the Brexit referendum.


image via getty images


Now, Christopher Wylie is publishing a book through Random House that tells the story of how he came to break the story. Mindf*ck: Cambridge Analytica and the Plot to Break America is scheduled to release on October 8th, and Random House has described it as “both exposé and dire warning” about the potential to manipulate people with online data.




Featured Image Via CBS News

Everything You Could Read If You Stop Tweeting!

We all get sucked into the cycle of checking our phone every ten minutes just to see that we have no notifications. But, alas, this leads to us checking Instagram for the fiftieth time to see the same old posts that we purposely didn’t like in the first place. For busy book lovers who struggle with short attention spans, the thought “I should be reading right now” comes into our heads at least a few times a day. Now, an app can tell us just how successful we’d be if if we just listened to those impulses.


Image result for omni calculator
Image via Product Hunt


The Omni Calculator was created by sociologist Mateusz Mucha who wanted to offer easy solutions to everyday problems, 841 of them to be exact. The app can help you calculate how your plastic bag ecological footprint, the projectile motion of throwing a grape into your mouth or just how much free time you would have if you stopped excessively scrolling through social media.


Image via Bustle


The calculator is called “Social Media Time Alternatives” and allows you to input how many times an hour you check social media and how long these visits last. It then compares this number to an average book length of 240 pages with 250 words on each page read at 200 words per minute. You can adjust the length of the books or your reading speed to betting fit your reading habits. It then tells you just how many books you could be reading a year. For example, if you check social media for seven minutes every hour, that time could be spent reading 136 books every year.



Omni also measures this wasted time in other ways, such as binging Friends yet again or listening to “Despacito” or learning a new skill, like playing guitar. Whatever your vice, Omni acts as a reminder that every time you open Twitter, another one of the book piled on your desk could be fulfilling its dream of finally being opened and read fully.



Whether you download the app and use it daily or simply learning about the app and the excessive amount of time wasted everyday makes you want to put a few pages in on the novel that has been sitting on your nightstand for a month now, hopefully Omni can help all us book loving procrastinators to finally finish our Good Reads reading challenge for once.



Featured Image via Friends of the Fayette County Public Library 

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