Bookstr’s Favorite Bookstagrammers of 2022

2022 was a strong year for bookstagram creators. Here is a carefully curated list of Bookstr’s favorite bookstagrammers of the year!

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2022 truly was an inspiring year for bookstagrammers. From reading dozens of novels, to creating authentic images, to having necessary discussions about inclusivity and diversity, bookstagram provides a platform for book lovers all over the world to unite over their passion of reading. Our favorite bookstagrammers come from Florida, Indonesia, London, South Africa, Yorkshire, and many other places, and although they are separated by thousands of miles, they are still able to connect through their love of literature, and that is something that is positively magical.

Keep reading to see some of our favorite bookstagrammers from 2022!

Lindsay, @pawsomereads

A husky puppy is laying on a couch and has a book splayed open across his front paws.
Image via @pawsomereads

We are starting off strong with Lindsay’s account! She is amazing, not only because of her incredible book recommendations, creative images, and positive attitude, but also because of her adorable pups. We are obsessed with her feed, and you can read more about Lindsay here!

Laura, @basicbookbabes

An autumnal stack of books, with decorative elements behind, and to the right side of the stack.
Image via @basicbookbabes

Next, Laura, along with her pup Penelope, bring a warmth to the bookstagram community that you do not want to miss! Bookstagram has been a healthy outlet for Laura, and we can all agree that reading and sharing our opinions about the books we have read is an amazing experience. Read all about Laura here!

Alexis, @fromthelibraryofalexis

A blond woman is standing in a bookstore and is reaching for a book on the top shelf.
Image via @fromthelibraryofalexis

Next we have Alexis, who has been a part of the bookstagram community for over three years. Her account feels like a strawberry paradise, and her creative images and bubbly personality are something everything needs on their feed. You can read more about this incredible bookstagrammer here!

Meirys, @musingwithmeirys

A woman is centered in this image, with book pages surrounding her.
Image via @musingwithmeirys

Meirys, of @musingwithmeirys, has loved to read ever since she was young. When Meirys moved to the States, reading was a way to help her learn English. However, reading was a lonely activity so she decided to create her bookstagram as a way to connect with other readers. Her bookstagram is a warm, and inclusive community, and everyone should follow her gorgeous account right away! Click here to learn all about Meirys!

Caro, @sanjariti

A young woman standing in front of her bookshelf
Image via @sanjariti

Caro’s account truly is something to behold. Her images are complex, colorful, well thought out, and all around stunning. One of her goals is to amplify LGBTQIA+ voices, and to follow her account is to be exposed to more diverse authors and stories. Learn more about Caro here!

Liz, @lizgriffinwords

A young woman standing in front of her bookshelf, holding a book and a mug.
Image via @lizgriffinwords

Liz is an avid reader, as well as a passionate writer. She is currently writing a Young Adult Fantasy novel. Her account is captivating, and if you do not follow her, you are truly missing out!

Gare, @gareindeedreads

A man laying on a bed, holding a book that covers half of his face.
Image via @gareindeedreads

Up next we have Gare, of @gareindeedreads, who is an imaginary casting director! His account is full of stunning fan casts of his favorite books. He is creative, genuine, and offers so much to the bookstagram community. You do not want to miss what he posts next! Read more about Gare here!

Janni, @theladysparks

A young woman standing against a white wall, wearing a hat, and holding a book close to her body.
Image via @theladysparks

Janni’s account is full of warm, cozy images, and to scroll through her account is to feel as if you are being embraced in a nice hug. Reading helped Janni through a difficult time in her life, and perhaps her amazing recommendations could provide you with a book to support you through a difficult time. Read all about Janni here!

Dani, @dh.trujillo

There is a fire in the foreground of this image, with a young woman holding a book over her face, along with her dog beside her, in the background.
Image via @dh.trujillo

Dani, of @dh.trujillo offers a powerful glimpse into NDN literature, and provides her followers with incredible, diverse recommendations. Her account truly is stunning, so do yourself a favor and follow her account right away! Click here to read all about Dani!

Carolann, @ndnbooknerd

A young woman is standing behind a table of books, and smiling.
Image via @ndnbooknerd

Carolann is an avid reader, as well as an owner of the pop up bookstore, Quiet Quail Books. She is smart, driven, a lover of literature, and overall, a force to be reckoned with. Do yourself a favor and follow her right away! You can read more about Carolann here!

Vebri, @vebriisfebruary

A woman is stood facing a bookshelf full of leather bound books.
Image via @vebriisfebruary

Vebri is a lover of art and literature, and her cozy account radiates amazing vintage vibes. She has wonderful book recommendations, unique images, and her account will be a wonderful addition to your feed! Click here to learn more about Vebri!

Andrea, @pagecactus

A woman is posing with one arm above her head, and a book in her other hand.
Image via @pagecactus

Andrea is a Mex-American creator who believes that words are our greatest tool, and therefore should be used to teach one another empathy, and of other’s perspectives. We respect her passion for diversifying literature, and you definitely need to give her a follow!

Natalie, @the.cozy.archives

A woman with curly hair is standing close to the camera, and is cradling a book against her chest.
Image via @the.cozy.archives

Up next we have Natalie, of @the.cozy.archives, who loves all things spooky and cozy! She loves horror novels and continues to go back to them due to their tense atmosphere and depictions of societal fears. If you also crave spooky books throughout the year, then following Natalie is an absolute must!

AnnMarie, @_marenzell

A book is splayed open on a table, with a candle burning behind it.
Image via @_marenzell

AnnMarie’s account is the definition of cozy vibes! Each post feels like a nice hug, and as you scroll through her account it is clear how deep AnnMarie appreciation of literature runs. Head over to her account and give her a follow, you will not regret it!

Rachael, @rachael.readss

A young woman's back is to the camera, and she is walking along a street, surrounded by autumnal leaves.
Image via @rachael.readss

Rachael’s account exists in a lovely corner of the bookstagram community, and she has made many friends since she started her account. She loves connecting with fellow literary lovers, and if you are looking to become a part of the bookstagram community, then you should definitely go give her a follow!

Mae, @novelmae

A young woman is positioned close to the camera and is flipping through a book.
Image via @novelmae

Mae is an English major, a lover of art, and a proud Slytherin. Her account exudes coziness and if you love classic literature and all things vintage, then you have to follow her as soon as possible!

Shamma, @shamreads

A person is sitting on the ground. Her legs are folded and in front of her is a small stack of books.
Image via @shamreads

Next, we have Shamma who loves a good romance novel. Her account is flooded with beautiful images of incredible recommendations, and she radiates serene vibes. So, if you’ve been searching for an bookstagrammer that calms the chaos, Shamma’s account is a must follow.

Toria Lace, @thehaunting_oftori

A woman is standing at the bottom of the stairs, holding a book in front of her, while staring up at a painting on the wall to her left.
Image via @haunting_oftori

Toria Lace’s account feels warm and captivating, and once you begin scrolling through her page it will be difficult to stop. Her images are intricate and well thought out, and who doesn’t love a bookstagrammer who knows how to get creative with their images? You have to check her out!

Kalanit-Liat, @literaryladyreviews

A woman is smiling at the camera, and has her arm resting on an open book.
Image via @literaryladyreviews

Kalanit-Liat’s account is simply stunning! With gorgeous flat lays, creative set ups, and incredible book recommendations, her account is an absolute must for you feed! Read more about this bookstagrammer here!

Megan, @the.broke.bibliomaniac

A woman is standing outside, and smiling while holding a book to her chest.
Image via @the.broke.bibliomaniac

Megan is the queen of bookish props, and we are absolutely here for it! She brings so much style to her bookstagram page, and you definitely do not want to miss what she creates next. You can learn more about this fantasy loving bookstagrammer here!

Abby, @reading_reverie

A row of books are displayed, with subtle decorative elements in the background.
Image via @reading_reverie

Lastly, we have Abby who is a fantasy loving, dramione obsessed literature lover! She is passionate, creative, and enjoys connecting with fellow book nerds. If you love fantasy and gorgeous flat lays, give her account a follow!

If you feel inspired by these bookstagrammers, be sure to check them out, and check out our Instagram, @bookstrofficial, to look through their Bookstagrammer of the Week features.

We can’t wait to see what 2023 holds in the bookstagramming world! Happy New Year!