Why We All Need a Friendship Like Wednesday and Enid’s

We’re obsessed with the pastel-goth duo for more than just aesthetic reasons! Here’s a couple reasons why we love Wednesday and Enid’s unexpected friendship!

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Okay, confession time: I happen to really believe Wednesday and Enid should have ended up together! They have such perfect contrast to one another, all while bringing out the best in each other! But if the show-runners are going to insist (for now) to pair both gals up with boys, then at least we know they have the strongest friendship in the whole show. And while their dynamic is often rocky and scattered with emotional minefields, in the end, Enid and Wednesday have a beautiful friendship.

So if you wouldn’t mind indulging me, let’s take a trip down memory lane and talk about why we all––no matter our gender, race, age, or sexual identity––need a Wednesday to our Enid and an Enid to our Wednesday!

Do keep in mind: there will be some spoilers for Wednesday in this article!

The Story of Wednesday and Enid

When they first meet, Enid and Wednesday don’t get off on the best foot. Enid is loud and bright and peppy––everything Wednesday hates. Or at least, thinks she hates. Wednesday, who tells herself that she doesn’t need anyone else (especially someone as vibrant as Enid) is intent on pushing her away. But Enid, who sees a glimmer of softness in Wednesday when hearing her sad scorpion story, isn’t easily deterred.

Wednesday Addams and Enid Sinclair

Wednesday secretly enjoys having a friend. While she truly doesn’t care what people think, and might even wish she cared more, it’s easy to see that over the season she grows to enjoy Enid’s company. And well, the same is obvious for Enid!

Two Sides of the Goth Coin

People often compare Enid and Wednesday to Princess Bubblegum and Marceline from Adventure Time. Sure, on the surface they are a great example of the bubblegum/black cat girlfriend trope, but I think there’s more to it than just that! Part of the reason Enid and Wednesday’s friendship is so enviable is because, like Marceline and Bubblegum, they don’t try to change each other. There is an acceptance of one another’s differences that is so refreshing! Even after they win the Poe Cup competition, Enid doesn’t force Wednesday to spend time with the group, but just makes the offer of companionship gently.

Similarly, Wednesday doesn’t try to get Enid to wear all black or change her persona or identity to be Wednesday’s friend. Instead, she allows Enid to express herself however she wants, even if it gives Wednesday a massive migraine!

A Good Friend is Respectful

Understanding the boundaries your friends have is a lifelong lesson that not many people learn early on. When they first meet, Enid quickly picks up on Wednesday’s peculiarities––including that she’s not a hugger. And while Enid tries to, once or twice, for the most part, she is accepting of this. Similar to the way they don’t try to change each other, Enid doesn’t try to guilt Wednesday over it either!

Wednesday Addams and Enid Sinclair

At the same time, Enid is confident enough in herself to make her boundaries clear to Wednesday. When she doesn’t want to do something Wednesday asks of her, she makes that known. Wednesday, in return, understands Enid well enough in return to know exactly how to sweeten her request. It’s a relationship with many win-wins!

I’ll Be There for You

Maybe the most emotional scene in the final episode is when Enid returns to Nevermore after wolfing out, and Wednesday manages to hug her back. Even though touch makes her uncomfortable! She decides to make the sacrifice to put Enid above herself, and even if I have a small suspicion she got some comfort out of it too, Wednesday is selfless enough to prioritize her friend’s well-being.

Friendships aren’t always easy. They require hard work, communication, and willingness to forgive and learn from past mistakes. Wednesday and Enid are no different! They show that even if you might be very different, so long as you care for and respect each other, you can find a life-long friend in the most unlikely people!

And if you’re super lucky, you’ll find a friend who is loyal enough to tell you that if your new crush, “breaks your heart, [she’ll] nail-gun his”. Really, what more could anyone ask for!?

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