10 Last-Minute Bookish Gifts: They’re Better Late Than Never

Did you wait until the last minute to buy presents? You’re not alone. Here are 10 last-minute bookish gifts that’ll cancel out any holiday procrastination.

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Last-Minute gifts to give before the holidays.

The clock is ticking, and the holidays will be upon us any day now. However, that might not be as comforting to those who haven’t quite figured out what presents to get their friends and family. If you’ve found yourself struggling to buy gifts, you don’t have to stress anymore. We have just the right last-minute gifts for you.

Bookstr has selected some wonderful last-minute presents that will work in a jiff. These gifts work so well, that your bookish friends will never know that you didn’t have these planned. Keep reading to see our last-minute picks before the holidays arrive.

1. Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Last-Minute Bookish Gifts. Barnes and Noble gift card

Afraid to get the wrong gift under pressure? Get the quickest present around without any worries at all. Buying your friends a gift card will solve all your problems. When you purchase a Barnes & Noble gift card, you can rest assured that your friends will get a bookish gift they actually enjoy. Ranging from 10 to 350 dollars, all you have to decide is how much you’d like to give. With just the click of a few buttons, you’ll have an amazing holiday present in your grasp without any hassle. 

Send your friends a virtual Barnes & Noble gift card, here!

2. Socks

Last-Minute Bookish Gifts. Bookish socks with the phrase, "fuck off, I'm reading."

Socks are a cornerstone of any holiday gift. But why not make them bookish? These socks from Amazon are a great find for all book lovers. We’ve all gotten a little grouchy when people interrupt us as we’re trying to read. So, why not gift some socks that poke fun at that universal experience? With these “F*ck off, I’m Reading” socks, your friends and family will let others know not to mess with them and provide comfort as they flip through pages of their favorite book.

Add these bookish socks to your cart, here!

3. Audible Membership

Last-Minute Bookish Gifts. Audible membership with book covers.

For those in your family that like to listen to books rather than read, we’ve got just the gift for them! An Audible membership makes the perfect last-minute present. They can enjoy the wonderful stories anywhere they go now! You have the option of selecting a membership from one month to a whole year. If they’ve expressed particular interest in a single book, you can also buy them that title on its own. Whatever the case may be, get them the gift of auditory storytelling for the holidays. 

Select an Audible Membership, here!

4. Keychain

Last-Minute Bookish Gifts. Bookish keychain with the phrase, "If I can't take my book, I'm not going." on it.

Keychains are an underestimated gift during the holidays. As a person who has a decent-sized collection, I can say that keychains are more fun than you might think, and they make a charming last-minute surprise. This bookish keychain will make a great addition to your friends and family’s collections. If you know somebody who takes their books everywhere they go, this is a must-have for them. “If I can’t take my book, I’m not going,” is a true sentiment for many bookworms out there, and they’ll appreciate having that statement attached to their keys for every occasion. 

Get this bookish keychain, here!

5. Coffee Mug

Last-Minute Bookish Gifts. Coffee mug that says "My weekend is Booked." with a stack of books on it.

Is it really the holidays without getting a coffee mug? Just like socks, gifting a coffee cup to your friends and family is almost mandatory. But they make for the best last-minute gifts. Add a little bit of bookish humor with this “My Weekend Is All Booked” coffee mug! When your friends go to get their morning coffee, everyone will know that reading books is their main priority for the day. 

Pick up this bookish coffee mug, here!

6. Sticker Pack

Last-Minute Bookish Gifts. Pack of 100 bookish stickers.

Dive into your friend’s inner child with this amazing pack of bookish stickers! It seems like everyone’s laptops, water bottles, and notebooks are filled to the brim with stickers now. Make sure your friends are in on the new trend with a pack of 100 book-themed stickers! Not only are the stickers waterproof and made with high-quality materials, but you’re never going to find as great of a deal as this one. Seriously, where else can you find a pack of 100 stickers for only $7.99?

Get these stickers before they’re gone, here!

7. Book-Themed Candy

Last-Minute Bookish Gifts. 'Harry Potter' 3-pack candy with jelly beans, a chocolate frog, and jelly slugs.

If you’re pressed for last-minute gift ideas, you can always go with book-themed candy! Who doesn’t like a nice tasty treat from their favorite book series? I for one would’ve loved this Harry Potter candy set as a kid! For a fantastic deal of $12.49, you get a pack of Jelly Gummy Candy Slugs, a box of Bertie Botts Every Flavor Jelly Beans, and a Chocolate Crispy Frog with a collectible wizard card inside! Your friends and family can live out scenes from the books and movies with this delectable pack of Harry Potter candy. 

You can find this three-pack candy set, here!

8. Blind Date With a Book Care Package

Last-Minute Bookish Gifts. Bookish care package with socks, books, stickers, candy, pens, and other bookish items.

Want to get your friends or family a nice combination of all of these ideas for the ultimate last-minute present? Then a book care package might be what you’re looking for. Etsy shop BooksInBloomShop has created a creative Blind Date With a Book/ Care Package combination. The end of the year can leave some feeling a little more drained than usual. So, give them a gift that will make them feel cared for. 

This package includes a book from whatever genre you’d like, a nice beverage, a cozy pair of socks, a pack of candy, some bookish stickers, a bookmark, and an extra special little surprise. If you’re really trying to impress at the last minute, I’d highly recommend getting this gift. 

Pick up this care package from BooksInBloomShop, here!

9. Shakespeare Printable Wall Art

Last-Minute Bookish Gifts. Shakespeare wall art of 'Romeo and Juliet' 'Julius Caesar' and 'King Lear'

For your bookish friends that are trying to decorate their place, get them some vibrant bookish posters that will make their walls pop! Etsy store RedHillPrintables has a stunning collection of bookish posters to choose from. But if your friend is a fan of Shakespeare, then they’re bound to enjoy these three posters for Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar, and King Lear. Instead of waiting for this gift to be shipped, this Etsy store will send you an instant download so you can get the pictures printed right away!

Buy this set of Shakespeare wall art, here!

10. Reading Journal

Last-Minute Bookish Gifts. Light green reading journal.

As the new year approaches, many of us will make the resolution to get more organized in 2023. For the friends that’ve expressed that wish, you can make all their dreams come true with a reading journal! This isn’t your ordinary journal either. Inside are formatted pages to ensure that all their reading goals will be achieved. There’s also plenty of space for them to reflect on the books they’ve read during the new year. As a last-minute gift, it’s sure to have a positive impact on whoever you gift it to. 

Select an organizational reading journal, here!

Now you really don’t have any more excuses to get a gift before the holidays arrive. Your bookish friends are bound to be impressed by your gift-giving skills. And don’t worry, we won’t tell them that these gifts were a little more last-minute than you had intended. 

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