‘What the Hex!?’ Webtoon: A Witch and Vampire on the Run

‘What the Hex!?’ is a supernatural fantasy depicting of a vampire and witch who are on the run from their pasts and law enforcement. Read on to learn more!

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Can two inhuman species who don’t get along finally work together to make it out alive? Creator Storybard has put a vampire and a witch together to be on the run constantly. Introducing the Webtoon, What the Hex!?, a fantasy and supernatural comic that digs into both of these characters’ pasts. This Webtoon updates twice a month, but the graphics and intense mysterious storyline are worth it.

What the Hex!? Plot


Kari is a con artist witch who accidentally puts a curse on Andre, a vampire who wreaks havoc on humans. She accidentally forces him to become her familiar. Now they are on the run from cops, hunters, and magical world forces. These criminals must work together to outrun the law, but their pasts are catching up quickly.

Meet the Outlaws



Andre has been a vampire for a very long time. Back when he was alive, he was part of the Mafia. But there was a betrayal and something went wrong that he wants to keep buried. Now as a vampire, he is solo; sinking his teeth into new victims on dating apps. His old coven, Plasma, disbanded years ago, and now he’s alone. All of a sudden, his world is upside down when a Tinder date goes wrong. Next thing you know, he’s magically attached to a witch who has no idea how she did it. Can he find a way to break the curse and be on his way? Or, does working with someone who also commits crimes bring a sense of belonging he’s never felt before?



Kari didn’t know she was a witch until she met Andre. She was a solo con artist on the run, stealing every bit of money and jewels she could lay her hands on. She always thought she was a gifted human with powers. This came in handy, and all she had to do was eat for sustenance. But the reason she is solo is due to a dark past, with a father she doesn’t want to talk about, and possible fleeting love behind. Now she accidentally put a familiar curse on a random vampire she was going to steal from. Stuck with him, she has no choice but to flee and make this duo money heists work. But he’s not so bad, even though he brutally kills for blood. Can they get along and outrun the human and magical laws?

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