Lesbian Romp: An Exploration of Love and Misadventure

Lesbian Romance and Romp, a genre defined by humorous misadventures, collide in the Lesbian Romp genre! Highlights include fake-dating and international travel.

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Two women holding hands with lesbian flag in background

The spotlight for this week’s Crazy Book Genre lands on Lesbian Romp! Even though Romp isn’t technically a “real” genre, these selections have all of its necessary elements: humorous misadventures, amusing tropes, and entertaining characters. You may or may not have heard of Romp, but Lesbian Romance is definitely something that’s out there.

Combine Lesbian Romance with Romp and you get fantastic women falling in love with each other during insane adventures. Stories about love and adventure are as old as time, but these books provide a refreshing and diverse spin on those age-old tales. Without further ado, lace up your boots, grab your favorite bookmark, and head out to explore this wild genre!

The Perfect Combination

The Lesbian Romp genre has everything you could ever want in a book: main characters unexpectedly falling in love with tempting people they shouldn’t, embarking on thrilling (and sometimes life-threatening) adventures, all with a healthy dose of comedy! The leading lady of each Lesbian Romp novel is typically a spunky badass (whether she knows it or not) who stumbles across the woman of her dreams, typically in our favorite enemies-to-lovers fashion. Hilarious misadventures ensue, sometimes involving spies and other times encountering superpowers.

Many Lesbian Romp novels are centered around adult women who find each other under fantastical circumstances, but others focus on high schoolers who are just trying to survive adolescent politics and social circles. These will typically involve fun nights out on the town, fake-dating schemes, and opposite personalities who end up being perfect for each other! Cue the witty banter and romantic music that is sure to follow.

Popular Tropes in Lesbian Romp

The most essential element in Lesbian Romp is humorous opposites-attract pairings. Whether it’s Night Terror and Fialux from Villains Don’t Date Heroes! by Mia Archer or serious corporate leader Victoria Tracey and savvy college student Rose Walsh in You’re Fired by Shaya Crabtree, bitter feuds precede the inevitable romance after these couples are forced to spend time together on crazy adventures.

Villains Don't Date Heroes! by Mia Archer cover and You're Fired by Shaya Crabtree cover

Another popular Lesbian Romp trope is the fake-dating scheme. Usually this is an idea that one woman in the reluctant relationship presents to the other as self-preservation in a social situation or act of revenge against another character. Alexandria Bellefleur’s Written in the Stars explores this when a blind date goes horribly wrong, but the relationship has to look right to please those around main characters Darcy and Elle. In a similar fashion, Kelly Quindlen’s She Drives Me Crazy follows an elaborate pretend (or is it?) romance that follows a car accident and results in main character Scottie’s revenge on her ex-girlfriend.

Written in the Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur cover and She Drives Me Crazy by Kelly Quindlen cover

Romance and Travel

My personal favorite highlight that I discovered in the Lesbian Romp genre is international travel. These trips usually happen on a whim and result in unexpected romance that develops between the main character and the woman accompanying her. If humorous misadventures and cute dialogue are two of your favorite things, then I have two fantastic recommendations for you!

A Woman to Treasure by Ali Vali follows history-obsessed Levi Montbard, the discoverer of an ancient scroll revealing the existence of a female Templar Knight in the Sahara Desert. Levi can’t resist following where the scroll leads her, which is all the way to Africa. She meets Yasmine Hassani, a teacher in Marrakesh who empowers the women of her country to do something great and lasting. Yasmine at first thinks Levi’s claims about a female Templar Knight are absurd, but the mystery along with the fascinating American woman it comes along with are too tempting for Yasmine to ignore. A Woman to Treasure is a fantastic lesbian romance with Indiana Jones vibes!

A Woman to Treasure by Ali Vali cover

In Miranda MacLeod’s thrilling novel Stockholm Syndrome, secret agent Leigh’s life depends on one phone call… but she dials the wrong number. Leigh has accidentally called the local public radio pledge drive and must rely on Amanda, an office temp who has an obsession with spies and adventures. Amanda at first thinks it’s all a game, but then Leigh is forced to take Amanda with her on the run when dangerous people start showing up to threaten the lives of both women. When Leigh and Amanda arrive in Stockholm to escape their pursuers, Leigh truly wonders if she would rather face the deadly Russian agents who are after her or Amanda’s rage when she discovers that Leigh has been lying to her.

Stockholm Syndrome by Miranda MacLeod cover

Both Romance and Adventure are entertaining genres, and you can combine these two together to celebrate Pride Month by selecting a Lesbian Romp novel! Whether you are interested in expanding your comfort genre or branching out to look for something new, these action-packed romances are sure to leave you feeling satisfied.

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