Read Romance 101 A Webtoon About College Love Drama

Love isn’t scheduled, it’s unexpected. ‘Romance 101’ is a college romance Webtoon about a girl who schedules every part of her life, but not her love life.

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Ready for another romance drama that takes place in a school setting? Romance 101 is a college romance drama created by Nam Soo. This Webtoon updates every Friday. When you’re a college student life can be busy and love is put to the side. Find out what happens to one girl who’s obsessed with schedules, when an unexpected romance blooms.

Romance 101 Plot


Bareum always has a planner filled. She schedules her entire day-what she’s missing is a date. When she is lured into a programming club by her friend’s handsome coworker, there’s hope for love to blossom. But will her inexperience lead her to a failed romance attemp? And why does she keep bumping into the bad, annoying tempered friend instead?

Meet the Romance 101 Characters

Bareum Jeong


She is an organizer and very studious. She takes intitiatve and is ambitious when it comes to her college life. She always schedules every minute of her every day life. She even schedules time for leisure and relaxation. Despite her intelligence and organization skills, she is clueless when it comes to flirting or knowing if someone is interested in her. Academics have always been a priority but now she desperately wants to find someone. When she gets her bitter coffee fix she meets Jae Hyeon a very handsome college student. With both of them being interested in programming, he asks her to join his programming club. Feeling her chance to find love, she joins the club.

Jae Hyeon Sin


Jae Hyeon is the popular well liked upperclassman. He works at a coffee shop part time and is the president of the programming club. He is very kind hearted and always has a smile on his face. No one has seen him down or have any burdens. His very close friend Yu Yeon Na is also part of his club. His dream is to be a programmer for a huge company.

Yu Yeon Na


He is a programmer major and part of Jae Hyeon’s programming club. Although he is knowledgeable about his major, he doesn’t have a proper work ethic or organization skills. He is somewhat the oppostie of Bareum in that aspect of academics. He enjoys sweet drinks, plays video games alot, expecially the cute characters, which he keeps secret. What happens when Bareum stumbles on his secret?

Ha Nam Park


He started working at the coffee shop where Do Eun works. He is part of the programming club and has been trying to talk to Do Eun. In order to stand out he usually orders coffee with boba. He enjoys concerts and is friends with both Jae Hyeon and Yu Yeon.

Do Eun Kang


Do Eun is Bareum’s best friend. She is strong and level headed and tends to bottle up her feelings. She works at a coffee shop, where Baerum gets her coffee fix. She is used to her friend’s scheduling habits and they make time for each other when needed. She wants Bareum to find love but strongly believes that friends shouldn’t get involved or know about their love lives. She has a long time boyfriend, but their busy schedules make their connection splinter.

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