‘To the Stars and Back’, When Grumpy Meets Sunshine

Sometimes we meet two kinds of people, negative nancies and sunshine sallies. Webtoon ‘To the Stars and Back’ is a slice of life comic about two polar opposites creating a friendship.

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Do you just giggle or get teary eyed when you meet a character that is super grumpy or just doesn’t care, then pair them with a super positive character that radiates sunshine? With that combo you get this fun slice of life Webtoon called To the Stars and Back created by Peglo. Updates come every Monday and Thursday.

To The Stars and Back Plot


Introverted, grumpy twenty year old Kang Dae spends most of his time alone. He usually prefers it that way. Then one day a super friendly, bubbly neighbor moves in next door and tries to befriend him. Bo Seon is a ball of sunshine and radiates good vibes constantly. Suddenly Kang Dae’s life takes a major turn.

To the Stars and Back: Meet Grumpy and Sunshine

Bo Seon


He always smiles and loves making new friends. He is very trusting and kind when others can be fake or rude. He never lets anyone ruin his vibe, but that’s what makes him annoyingly likeable. We need people like him in today’s world. He moves next to Kang Dae and tries to be a good neighbor who wants to know him. He has made him cookies and gets friendly. Even when Kang pushes him away he just sees it as an opportunity to work harder on their ‘new friendship’. To add to this delightful encounter, they both go to the same University and he tries to get acquainted with him. Bo is curious why Kang pushes people away and is an antisocial, that won’t stop him from trying.

Kang Dae


Kang has loved his solitude. He beleives making friendships is a waste of energy and time. He enjoys being alone and loves the quiet. But has he always been that way? Now with a super nice neighbor who keeps pestering him to hang out and know him, he doesn’t trust it. More like Bo is annoying to him, who can be happy 24/7? But the fact that Bo keeps persisting even when he’s a jerk, intrigues him. Can he try to get along with someone?

I hope this friendship or romantic dynamic will make you excited for the next chapter. Grumpy and sunshine people balance each other out in various ways. I believe this Webtoon captures what both these characters need from each other.

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