‘The Rings of Power’ Hits No. 1 on Streaming Charts

Amazon’s new series ‘The Rings of Power’ brings in big numbers during premiere week. The show hits the top of two Nielsen Top 10 Streaming charts.

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Rings of Power no. 1 streaming charts

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power debuts at No. 1 on streaming charts over the weekend on Nielsen’s Top Ten. The Rings of Power received 1.25 billion minutes of viewing time following its premiere on September 1. That’s a lot of views!

I think we all agree it is a big time for fantasy on TV right now. It is no secret that Amazon spent a hefty amount of money on its new Tolkien adaptation, The Lord of the Rings: the Rings of Power. The show is bringing fans in left and right. It definitely feels good to be back in Middle-earth, and now we have some numbers of just how many people joined in following the premiere on September 1.

Rings of Power No. 1 Streaming Charts
Image via Prime Video

The Rings of Power Tops the Charts:

While the charts are a few weeks behind, The Rings of Power brought in huge numbers during its first few days of release. The show hit the top of not one, but two Nielsen charts, including streaming programs and streaming original programs. The chart covers Aug. 29 – Sept. 4, meaning The Rings of Power was only out a few days before it hit the top.

The Top 10 Streaming Programs chart looks at film and tv titles from Prime Video, Disney+, Netflix, and HBO Max. Here is a look at the rankings so far.

Rings of Power No. 1 Streaming Charts
Image via Nielsen

It is interesting to see where things land on the chart. Being a few weeks behind, things could definitely shift in the upcoming weeks once more information is released. The Hollywood Reporter says,

“Nielsen “reach” figures — a measure of people who watched at least six minutes of a given program — for House of the Dragon and The Rings of Power are somewhat similar. The Rings of Power holds an edge among streaming viewers only, with 12.6 million people in the U.S. checking out the series over its first four days, compared to 10.6 million for House of the Dragon.”

The Hollywood Reporter

The last we saw in The Rings of Power, things in Middle-earth were getting turned upside down. Catch new episodes on Prime Video every Friday. There are only a few episodes left! Episode 7 premieres October 7, and Episode 8 premieres October 14.

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