5 Fictional Boyfriends That We Wish Were Real

Happy National Boyfriend’s Day! To celebrate, let’s take a look at five fictional guys who are the perfect boyfriend material.

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Fictional boyfriends we wish were real. Two people cuddling over sunset

As colder weather comes, we all crave that special someone to cuddle up with. However, finding a boyfriend in real life isn’t as easy as romcoms make it out to be. But don’t fret just yet! All you have to do to feel that fuzziness in your heart is by opening a book or turning on your favorite movie. Why would you deal with the drama and confusion from a real boyfriend when the fictional ones are already by your side? So, look no further! Here are five fictional guys we’d want to date, if given the chance.

1. Anthony Bridgerton (Bridgerton)

Fictional boyfriend, Anthony Bridgerton, from the Netflix series, 'Bridgerton.'

The first on our list is of noble lineage, the one and only Anthony Bridgerton from the Bridgerton series. Both on the page and on the big screen, Anthony melted all of our hearts with his enemies-to-lovers relationship with Kate Sharma. But that’s not the only reason we swooned over him. Between his extreme loyalty to his family, his concern for Kate when she gets stung by a bee, and his way with words when finally expressing his true feelings, how could we not fall for this British chap?

It also didn’t hurt when we saw him getting out of the lake with his clothes on. Overall, Anthony Bridgerton would ensure that we’d be well taken care of while giving us his full attention during the Queen’s many balls.

2. Finn (Star Wars)

Fictional boyfriend, Finn, from the Star Wars universe, sitting in a chair fighting incoming ships.

Introduced in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Finn is a complex character with a big heart. Taken from the Empire at a young age, Finn was supposed to be just a cog in the machine, but his morals were stronger than any evil, and that’s why we love him so. Finn is the type of guy that would quite literally travel across the galaxy for the people he loves, and there’s no stopping once he’s made up his mind.

Even though he can be awkward at times, he makes us laugh when the going gets tough. He inspires others to act and doesn’t quit on saving somebody, even if that means putting himself in harm’s way. Finn is the perfect boyfriend material because he never stops trying to make things right. With courage and devotion flowing through him, I think we’d all take the chance to pair up with the rebel fighter.

3. Finnick Odair (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire)

Fictional boyfriend, Finnick Odair, from 'The Hunger Games' series, sitting in a chair with his white shirt opened.

When fans think of their favorite male characters from The Hunger Games, many tend to side with either Peeta or Gale. However, I think we should be looking towards the charming Finnick Odair when it comes to who would be a better boyfriend. Witty yet tactical, Finnick won all of our hearts in the second book of the series.

Not only has he gone through hell and back multiple times, but his loved ones are always on his mind. He fights for love, freedom, and truth. Before the bloodbath of the Hunger Games begins, he even takes the time to tie the knot with his true love, Annie. What’s more attractive than a guy professing his love before battle?

4. Percy Jackson (Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus)

Fictional boyfriend, Percy Jackson, from the 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians' series, leaning on a sword and holding a helmet.

This list couldn’t be complete without the famous demigod himself, Percy Jackson. Throughout the well-known series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, we see the young fighter grow up into a man that we’d all be proud to have at our side. His love for Annabeth Chase runs as deep as the river Styx. In the final book of the first series, Percy has the chance to obtain immortality, but he trades it all away to be with Annabeth.

And if you thought giving up immortal life was romantic, try jumping into Tartarus to save your girlfriend. Seriously, Percy Jackson sets the bar way up there. He’s the whole package! Funny, caring, and adventurous, who else would you want to have as a partner during a quest?

5. Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice)

Fictional boyfriend, Mr. Darcy, from 'Pride and Prejudice' with a look of sadness on his face.

I cannot end this list without including the blueprint for all fictional boyfriends. The mysterious, the illusive, the inner softie, Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy. I mean, seriously, what’s not to love? Between his curious nature and his inner turmoil with the subject of love, Mr. Darcy shows us all that if he truly loves and wants you, he’ll change for the better.

There are so many times when we fall for the aristocrat. Get yourself a man who will stand out in the pouring rain, pronouncing his true feelings for you. Also, the hand scene (you know the one) makes us all long for the day when somebody gets flustered from just caressing your hand. Jane Austin put all of her imagination into a man that doesn’t even exist. No matter how much we want him to.

Real boyfriends come and go so quickly, but fictional ones are here to stay. When you want someone to whisper you sweet nothings, need a laugh, or want to feel the fluttering of butterflies in your stomach, these fictional boyfriends are sure to make our real hearts pound.

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