The Most Loveable and Interesting Siblings in Manga

Siblings are simultaneously lifelong companions and pains in the ass. And these manga siblings show that dynamic very well.

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Siblings — you can’t live with them, but you can’t live without them. Not to mention that in the U.S., about 80% of people have at least one sibling. There’s no global data, but numbers are likely similar in other countries. So it’s important that there’s good sibling representation. One of my favorite places to find it is in manga, which is often focused on family, both blood and found family. So here are just a few good examples!

Edward and Alphonse from Fullmetal Alchemist

Their bond is one of the best parts of the entire show. They went through so much together, and they’d do anything for each other. Edward gave up his right arm, after already losing his left leg from the knee down, to bring Alphonse back. He was entirely willing to die for him, and Alphonse has expressed the same.

Edward smiling while looking at Alphonse, who is back to human.

This doesn’t mean they get along all the time. They have opposite personalities, which leads to a lot of bickering and a few serious fights. But in the end, they always make up and put their bickering to the side for the sake of their relationship. They’re all the others have left after their mother died; nothing can truly get between them.

Tanjiro and Nezuko from Demon Slayer

The only reason Tanjiro became a demon slayer was to save Nezuko, who had been turned into a demon. After their mother and four siblings were all murdered by Kibutsuji, these siblings — who had always been very close — were practically inseparable. They traveled together, defeating demons, saving people, and searching for a cure.

Tanjiro and Nezuko standing back to back after Nezuko came out of the box.

Tanjiro has chronic Big Brother Syndrome, where he feels he is entirely responsible for Nezuko and never wants to put her in harm’s way or let her fight. But as a literal demon, Nezuko has more physical strength than Tanjiro, not to mention incredible regenerative powers. It was wonderful to see him come to terms with her power and be okay with her fighting with him. It’s both awesome and heartwarming to watch them protect and uplift each other both in fights and in general.

Hinata Shōyō and Hinata Natsu from Haikyu!!

Natsu doesn’t get much screen time, so we only see them together for a few scenes. But their relationship is so cute. It’s obvious that they love each other, and they encourage each other to do their best. Shōyō is about ten years older than her, so he seems to be almost like a teacher at times. He taught her about volleyball, the sport that consumed his entire life, and was eager to share it with her.

Hinata Shōyō watching Natsu serve a volleyball.

Natsu looks up to Shōyō, to the point where she also plays volleyball in high school after the time skip. She even wears number ten, just like her big brother. She loved sports as a child, but she chose volleyball specifically because of her brother’s passion and her great admiration for him.

Hori Kyōko and Hori Sōta from Horimiya

This is another sibling duo with a large age gap, but they have lots of scenes together. Kyōko does most of the housework and cooking despite being a high school student since their mom works all the time and their parents are living separately. This also means she has to take care of Sōta, who’s only about seven years old.

Kyōko watching Sōta tug on Miyamura's clothes.

Despite all that, their relationship is still definitely one of siblings. They bicker, Kyōko takes advantage of every opportunity to play the sadistic big sister — like that time they were pretending to be on a spaceship — and they fight over Miyamura, Kyōko’s boyfriend whom Sōta sees as a big brother. Their relationship is realistic it reminds me of me and my siblings sometimes.

The Strauss Siblings from Fairy Tail

These three have been through so much together, but their bond has always been strong. From a demon taking over Mirajane’s arm to Elfman losing control and accidentally attacking Lisanna to Lisanna’s “death,” they’ve been put through the wringer. But their support for each other was the one thing that never faltered.

Mirajane, Elfman, and Lisanna glaring at something offscreen.

As the oldest, Mirajane is always looking out for her siblings even when they can take care of themselves. Elfman tries to take care of both of them, especially Lisanna after she came back when he thought he’d killed her. Lisanna loves them both with her whole heart and tries to help where she can, though they do baby her a little because she’s the youngest.

There are so many great siblings in manga, and you should go check them all out!

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