Curate The Perfect Picnic: Books That Need To Be In Your Basket

Whether you’re looking for love, mystery, or heartfelt social commentary to accompany you at the park, there is a book for you in this diverse list of picnic reads.

Diversity Recommendations Romance

When planning a picnic, there are many options of what to pack. Such a relaxing activity should be curated to provide the utmost contentment – and that may look different for everyone. Read on to see some suggestions to help ensure your picnic spread is exactly what you have been dreaming of all winter. 

The Recollections of my Nonexistence …As Your Ice Cold Drink

Book cover of black and white photo of a girl

In this refreshing and electric story about a young artist, this book addresses socio-economic, social, and gender struggles. Rebecca Sonit writes about her life in San Francisco in the 1980’s as she navigates her experiences as a woman. Pressured by the narrative to stay silent and complacent, Rebecca explores how she reinvited her life – in between the walls of her small apartment, and out in society. 

The Lost Bookshop …For a Full Platter

Book cover of yellow house tucked away onto bookshelf

This book follows three people, Opaline, a young woman in the 1920s and Martha, a young woman running away from an abusive marriage and Henry, a young scholar trying to find a lost manuscript. The plot combines everything you want – tragedy, romance, fantasy, and mystery. Alongside a thoughtful commentary on the lengths people will go for love, this book is also a beautiful dedication to books and the love for reading.

It Happened One Summer …As A Sweet Treat

Book cover of a blonde girl in red dress and man with scruffy beard

Piper, a fashionable, famous, and rather spoiled young woman is sent to Westport by her stepfather as punishment for an out-of-control party. The quaint town is home to her biological father’s dive bar, which she has to tend to, and a broody man named Brendan. As she finds her place in Westport, she is challenged by Brendan’s cynicism, but drawn to him nonetheless. This cozy story of love and self discovery is the perfect rom-com for a sunny day. 

Depending on what relaxing looks like to you, a variety of stories may fit with your picnic palette. Between love, somber recollection, and mystery, we hope this list supplies a few choices of tropes and styles to satisfy your unique taste.

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