Four YA Books on Sibling Relationships I Recommend

Siblings are people who create a bond with us in our family like no other. Regardless of having siblings related by blood or not, here are four young adult books that focus on sibling relationships.

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Having siblings can be a blessing and a curse. Siblings are the first friends we make. Even if they drive us crazy, older, middle or youngest child, siblings are a great part of a family. Today is Siblings Day, and we are honoring all the siblings out there, whether blood related or not, with six Young Adult book recommendations that focus on sibling relationships.

1. I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson


Twin siblings Jude and Noah had been inseparable when they were young. Jude is the rebelious sister who speaks on behalf of Noah, who wears red lipstick and goes on daredevil adventures. Noah is the artist who is slowly falling for the boy next door.

Years later they rarey speak, that brother/sistere bond bromen by a devestating situation that triggers their distance. Now Jude meets a handsome guy and has a mentor.

From hearing Noah’s early years, to hearing Jude’s present, can they find their way back to each other? Ready for a sibling trope that will have your tears on the pages and laughing to yourself?

2. Far From the Tree by Robin Benway


Adoptive families and adoption of new siblings is another way of finding brothers and sisters. In this case the three protagonists had no clue of their biological siblings.

Grace is an adopted only child, but when a big discovery leads her to find out she is a middle child from her biological family, she seeks out answers and to find her family. She’ll soon learn about:

Maya, she is the youngest and loudest biological sister to Grace. Upon hearing the news Maya was ecstatic, growing up with red heads while you’re the only brunette in the house can be suffocating. Finding her biological family can help her find the relations between them. But when her aoptive family’s drama and problems bubbling up to the surface and exploding, can she find out where she truly belongs?

Now, for the silent seventeen year old biological brother, Juaquin. He has no desire to learn about his biological mother. Being in the foster care system for many years, he is used to disappointment, secrets, lies, and fear. He must keep all his true emotions to his chest and protect himself.

Can these three siblings find it in their heart to learn more about each other?

3. Things I Should Have Known by Claire LaZebnik


One thing Chloe Mitchell knows is that her big sister Ivy is on the autism spectrum and is lonely. Being in LA, Chloe wants to be the matchmaker to make her sister Ivy have a wonderful boyfriend. The best candidate she has chosen is Ethan, who is in Ivy’s special need’s class. But there is one issue, his name is David; he’s Ethan’s brother who is an arrogant jerk.

Another problem is that Ivy and Ethan aren’t comfortable being alone, so she and David have to tag along on their dates.

A quirky friendship circle starts to evolve between them. Chloe must reflect on her own romantic choices and realize it’s okay to be different.

4. Ultimatum by K.M. Walton


A damaged brotherly bond that must be mended before it’s too late.

Oscar is misunderstood, he is seen as the vulnerable, conservative younger brother. He can’t fix what’s broken in the household. After his mother died, now his father is disrespecting him, putting him down and being aggressive. His older brother Vance isn’t a help either. He constantly bullies him. Oscar can only find solace by creating art and staying out of his head.

Vance wants Oscar to loosen up and be present. But he’s reserved, quiet, keeps to himself, basically not cool at all. After their Mom died, partying and lacrosse keeps him alive in his skin.

But when their father’s alcholosim causes liver failure, the boys must face their emotional demons, process their mother’s death, and face each other in order to figure out an unknown future.

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