The Five Best Spots To Read a Book Across Ireland

Traveling to Ireland? Hoping to read your book on the trip? Here are some beautiful spots to relax with a good story!

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Various buildings in Ireland.

Are you a bookworm travel bug visiting the beautiful green fields of Ireland? Make sure to pack your current read for the trip because we have some lovely pit stops to get a few chapters in. On holiday, I tend to bring two or three books along and barely make a dent through one, but why? I never find the perfect reading spot to sit and soak in my author’s story. If you are looking to tour around the lushest country in the world, here are some beloved spots to pop open your book.

Charlie Byrnes

Stuffed to the brim with countless must-read books, Charlie Byrnes is a must-see for every book lover. This independent bookshop is one of Galway’s most successful attractions, and it will melt your heart with its collection of 100 thousand books! Ranging from brand new to second-hand, you will surely find more than enough books that suit your taste. Plus, be sure to check out their outstanding collection of greeting cards, they are a must-see!

Coumeenoole Beach

A hidden beach surrounded by green cliffs and houses sitting on top.

I know what you’re thinking, a beach in Ireland? But this is one beach you will not want to miss. Counmeelnoole Beach is a beautiful nook hidden in the town of Dingle. The beach is privately out of sight, and your green view of the Irish fields is unforgettable. This is the perfect spot to bring a page-turner, but try to come on a warm day to soak up the sun instead of some wind!

Hazel Mountain Chocolate

Image of a white cottage with a blue sky and surrounded by trees.

Driving around the beautiful scenery of county Clare? Be sure to stop in the Hazel Mountain Chocolate shop in Bellharbour for some delicious sweets and an unbeatable coffee! This enchanting chocolate shop is an ideal little treat to have with the perfect book, and all the ingredients used in the shop are sustainable and natural. Bring your book and your appetite and enjoy the magic of Hazel Mountain Chocolate!


Image of a cliff and a building on the side, next to a bright blue ocean and sky.

Howth is a little village only a train ride away from Dublin City. I recommend this spot specifically to explore all its little shops and breathtaking nature walks. The cliffs are mesmerizing and you will never want to leave the town’s phenomenal essence. You may be wondering, though, where will I continue my nailbiting book? The train of course! The journey takes about an hour, and the views on the way will make your book one to remember. Enjoy your book on the way there and the journey home, and spend your day exploring all of Howth’s astounding areas of exploration.

Cork’s English Market

Sign saying "English Market, Cork," on a decorative table, with food stalls in the background.

One of Europe’s oldest markets, the English Market is an honorable statement of Cork City. With so many stalls to choose from, you can have a little taste of various tenders from all over Ireland. Spend the morning walking through the market and trying whatever food catches your eye, and when you are ready, sit down with your delectable snacks and bring out your choice of book to read along with your bountiful treats. If you like to people-watch while reading, this is a spot you will love to check out!

Ireland is full of buzzing spots that are a must-see for all visitors. If you are looking for more recommendations, let us know! Or if you have your own spots in Ireland where you love to binge-read, we would love to hear about them! Write us on our website your thoughts!

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