Carissa Broadbent Announces New Crowns of Nyaxia Book

The popular Crown of Nyaxia series will soon be adding a new book to its universe. Read on to learn everything about this upcoming release.

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Book cover of "The Songbird and the Heart of Stone" on a black background with a mystical faded white pattern.

Since the first book was published in 2022, Carissa Broadbent’s Crowns of Nyaxia series has received a large amount of positive reception and has only grown in popularity. That includes being widely seen and reviewed on BookTok. So far, Broadbent has released two main books from the Crowns of Nyaxia series: The Serpent and the Wings of Night and The Ashes and the Star-Cursed King, respectively. She has also released two separate novellas that take place in the same universe.

Soon, there will be a third book added to the continuous series. Furthermore, Broadbent is teaming up with the publisher Bramble for some exciting projects. This bestselling series has made waves over the years, and the news shows that Crowns of Nyaxia has a bright future ahead.

News on the New Book

The next book in Crowns of Nyaxia, The Songbird and the Heart of Stone, is set to come out on November 9th of this year but can be pre-ordered now. There will be new adventures afoot and more chaotic fantasies along the way. In an interview with Elle Magazine, Broadbent described the book by saying simply, “We’re going to hell.” Broadbent also mentioned in the same interview that this book will be different from the others, as it will be told from the point of view of supporting character Mische this time. There will also be some new settings coming into play that should be intriguing.

Book cover of "The Songbird and the Heart of Stone" with rose petals floating around and a gold arrow with a sparkly white background.

What makes this novel especially different from the other books in Crowns of Nyaxia is that it is the first book being released through a big publisher, as opposed to an independent release like the previous novels. Broadbent is teaming up with publisher Bramble to release her latest book, with the publisher also re-releasing the previous novels and novellas in the series. With a big publisher, Broadbent will be able to reach even more people in different ways with the upcoming books, which means Crowns of Nyaxia will likely become bigger than ever before after this next release.

What is Crowns of Nyaxia About?

Crowns of Nyaxia is Broadbent’s take on the romantasy (romance and fantasy) genre, which she does by bringing readers into an exciting new world. The first book focuses on Kejari, a major tournament held by the goddess of death. An important competitor is Oraya, the adopted daughter of the Nightborn vampire king. This world is already about fighting for survival, and it’s an even bigger fight for Oraya, a human, who enters Kejari as a way to prove herself. Another competitor is the dangerous vampire Rahin. It would be tough for anyone to fight him, but Oraya is up for the challenge. At least, she thinks she is, but what if there is an attraction brewing?

Book cover of "The Serpent and the Wings of Night" with a large snake, blue flowers, and tree branches on a sparkly white background.

Whatever happens between Oraya and Rahin, Kejari is a competition without emotions, and everybody must play to win. After all, there is a lot at stake, including pride. The series sees these two going back and forth from being at odds to teaming up, whether in competition or not. The two of them have to think of their own safety, as there are certainly a lot of obstacles and dangers in their way. In the first two books, there is a lot at stake between these two, but they have had to be brave their whole lives. So, they are certainly prepared, and they have to hold on to that bravery as much as they can for what lies ahead.

Carissa Broadbent’s Career

Book cover of "Daughter of No Worlds" with a blonde girl in a tight red dress that is flowing behind her while she holds a gold sword in a battle position with a red background.

Before writing Crowns of Nyaxia, Broadbent ventured into fantasy through her first series, The War of Lost Hearts. This trilogy, published from 2020 to 2022, is about magic wielders, specifically former slave Tisannah. Tisannah wants to save her people through her work with magic wielders, but this trilogy demonstrates how that is not an easy job. The books go in order: Daughter of No Worlds, Children of Fallen Gods, and Mother of Death and Dawn, and they are all full of magic. Broadbent previously worked in cybersecurity and lives with her husband, two rabbits, and a cat.

Bramble’s History

Book cover of "Fall of Ruin and Wrath" with a tall sword with dark blue birds in front on a bright blue smoky background.

Bramble is part of Tor Publishing Group and Macmillan, which focuses on publishing a wide variety of romance novels. From contemporary to fantasy, from sweet to spicy, and everything else in between, Bramble believes in sharing romance with lovers of all genres. This imprint started last year and has grown a lot since its opening. Books from Bramble include Fall of Ruin and Wrath, Calamity, and Gothikana, with a lot more on the way. Bramble is on a great path, and this deal with Broadbent and Crowns of Nyaxia could very well help this imprint grow even more.

The romantasy genre has been on the rise in the past couple of years. While the individual genres of romance and fantasy have been popular for a long time, the combination has proven to be quite successful. People have been loving these beautiful love stories combined with magical elements and fantastical characters. It is a thrilling innovation in novels. Broadbent’s books have become a big part of this genre’s recent growth, and her partnership with a publisher demonstrates that fact. There are many fans waiting for The Songbird and the Heart of Stone, and only time will tell what the next Crowns of Nyaxia story will mean for this magical universe.

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