The Explosive Final Episode of Quiet On Set is Out!

The final episode of the popular docu-series Quiet On Set has recently been released. Read on to learn about all of the bombshells that were revealed.

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TW: Mentions of Sexual Assault/Abuse. Please exercise personal care when reading.

For the past few weeks, audiences have been diving deep into the docuseries Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV. The series has taught people some disturbing truths about the entertainment they used to love as a child. Specifically, there was a focus on the different shows created by producer Dan Schneider for Nickelodeon. There had been rumors about what had been happening for years, but this series is baring all of the facts. The first four episodes detailed everything that happened and included interviews from actual child stars. After the success of these episodes, it was announced that there would be a fifth episode, which included additional conversations with the actors and also revealed some previously unseen material.

The Information Before the Docu-series

The majority of the series discussed issues from the early 2000s to the mid-2010s. The children watching these shows at the time were none the wiser to what was happening, as they would blissfully enjoy their childhood programs. However, once the viewers and actors got older, serious situations were finally explored. Some people would notice some of the distasteful jokes that took place in these series, which included liquids squirted onto young women’s chests and the exploitation of young people’s feet, possibly playing into a fetish. What was seen on screen was the tip of the iceberg. The behind-the-scenes actions were where everything got worse.

Book cover of I'm Glad My Mom Died with Jennette McCurdy holding a pink urn while smiling in a pink rectangle on a yellow background.

Before the documentary, many former child actors had already called out the way they’d been treated as actors by those in charge. One of the notable examples was Jennette McCurdy, who played Sam on iCarly. For a long time, McCurdy expressed how miserable she was working on the show, which led to her groundbreaking memoir, I’m Glad My Mom Died. Among other topics, McCurdy gave an inside look at her mistreatment and how her time on Nickelodeon was some of the worst of her life. Another actress who previously spoke out was Alexa Nikolas, who played Nicole on Zoey 101. Nikolas has been vocal on her podcast and in interviews about how she detested her time on the show. It was why she left the series part way through. The details of everything were popping up, but the documentary pushed everything forward.

The Previous Four Episodes

First airing on Discovery Plus on March 17, the series confirmed what some already knew and revealed new information that some may not have expected. The first four episodes talked about the horrors behind the scenes, which included rampant sexism in the workplace and sexual assault of minors. An important figure in this docuseries was former child star Drake Bell, one-half of the duo on the popular show Drake and Josh, who detailed abusive experiences he had during the series, specifically with acting coach Brian Peck (no relation to Bell’s co-star Josh Peck).

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Other people involved in the documentary included the previously mentioned Alexa Nikolas, who expanded on experiences she has talked about on her social media and podcasts. There were also former female writers of Schneider who opened up about the uncomfortable environment he made for them in the workplace. There were also interviews with actors, journalists, and relatives who were either affected by what happened or witnessed a slew of these terrible acts. It was these types of interviews and stories from the past that shocked many viewers.

Background on the Fifth Episode

The fifth episode came about three weeks after the previous four episodes, on April 7. The makers of the series saw the popularity that the series received, and so they felt that there was more to share. The episode, entitled Breaking the Silence, features interviews by award-winning journalist Soledad O’Brien. O’Brien, host of her own show, Matter of Fact with Soledad O’Brien, has worked for CNN and HBO. The interviews were with people previously shown in the docuseries, as well as those who spoke for the first time.

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The conversations included Drake Bell, who has been one of the most outspoken participants taking part in this series. He still has a lot more to share and reflect when it comes to revealing his truth. Other participants included Brian Hearne, Giovannie Samuels, and Shane Lyon from the Nickelodeon sketch series All That. Lyon, who was not part of the previous four episodes, spoke out for the first time.

What was revealed in the fifth episode?

In this tell-all fifth episode, Bell talked about how horrifying it was to see people supporting Peck based on written letters submitted to the courts when Peck was first convicted. Specifically, Bell called out Rider Strong and Will Friedle, former stars of Boy Meets World, for supporting Peck. He singled them out for their apologies after they supported Peck on their podcast, Pod Meets World. While Bell has heard their apologies, he expressed that he does not accept them, as he cannot forget what has happened to him or the fact that Peck went free because of letters like those. Bell also mentioned that he does not begrudge his mother for everything that has happened, as he believed she did not know better and thought she knew what was best for her son.

Drake Bell sitting in a chair looking sad and thoughtful in a green suit with a blueish background.

Hearne and Samuels used this episode to talk about Schneider’s apology, which was released after the first four episodes. The two found the apology to be inauthentic and felt Schneider was only apologizing because of all the attention and backlash. Hearne and Samuels had previously talked about the racism that they had experienced working on All That, including the offensive comments made at their expense. In this episode, Hearne mentioned that the process of making this series helped grow the relationship between him and his mother, since she was able to understand what took place. Lyons went into greater detail about his interactions with Peck and his inappropriate advances toward Lyons; at the time, Lyons was only a child. He went on to express the disturbing nature of it all and how happy he was that Bell spoke out.

There have been many horror stories from decades past about the brutal situations that child stars have faced while on the set of children’s shows. However, it seems that Nickelodeon is full of a variety of terrible situations that had not been exposed before from a singular channel. Many of these former actors have had to endure the trauma, and this series has been one of the first places that they have been able to publicly express what they went through. All the way through to the end, Quiet on Set shows that many of those voices that were once stifled due to their being young is the problem, and that maybe there needs to be more oversight when it comes to our youngest and most vulnerable entertainers.

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