5 Wonderful Reads Your Kids Will Love During the Spring Season

Spring is a time of renewal, so what better way to embrace the new season with these wonderful children’s books that will certainly entertain your little ones.

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Three children's books -- "Fletcher and the Springtime Blossoms" by Julia Rawlinson, "a Crown for Corina" by Laeken Zea Kemp, and "I'm Growing Great" by Mechal Renee Roe -- sit against a backdrop of colorful flowers and a white background.

Immerse yourself in these delightful, warmhearted books that will bring springtime joy to your children’s hearts and minds. From teaching moments to simple enjoyments, these blossoming reads are sure to delight not just the kids but the entire family. Spring is the best time to experience the magic of reading, so let’s take a peek inside these five fun books your kids will love during the spring season.

Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes

A white mouse wearing a colorful pink dress with a pink bow in her hair stands beside a large yellow flower with slender, individual petals. The title curves around the flower in lower case pink letters. The author's name sits at the bottom near the grass in black letters. Everything sits against a pale yellow background.

An oldie but goodie, this sweet tale teaches children to love themselves just the way they are. Chrysanthemum adores her name. She thinks it’s perfect! But her first day of school proves challenging when the kids tease her for being named after a flower and for being so long that it doesn’t fit on her name tag. Poor Chrysanthemum feels smaller than any wee mouse could, and no longer does she think her name is so special. What will it take to help her blossom again? Spring into this wonderfully uplifting story that’s sure to help your kids learn about acceptance and entertain them this season.

Willow and Bunny by Anitra Rowe Schulte

A large willow tree makes up most of the cover. A brown bunny sits in fuzzy green grass surrounding the willow tree. Yellow light from the sun shines in the background. The title sits in the lower center of the cover in large, yellow letters. The author's name is underneath the title in smaller letters.

Bunny needs a home. And after meeting Willow, he’s found the perfect place beneath her branches to call his. Every day is Willow’s and Bunny’s to share. But when an angry spiral rips through the forest, leaving the animals to scatter under Willow’s branches for shelter, Willow stands formidable as the animals’ protector. Then the storm calms, but Willow’s branches are all a tatter and forever changed. Now it’s Bunny’s and the other animals’ turn to help her out. In this beautiful tale, we find friends helping friends in times of trouble, no matter what. Willow and Bunny is the perfect book for your kids to jump into this spring.

I’m Growing Great by Mechal Renee Roe

A little girl wears a blue striped dress, purple glasses, and a crown of flowers in her brown hair. The title sits at the top in purple letters. The author's name sits at the bottom right in small, purple letters. Everything sits against a light green background decorated with colorful butterflies and small, pale hearts.

Who you are is beautiful, no matter how you look. And for little Black and Brown girls, your hair is gorgeous in all of its natural coilyness, full of flowers, butterflies, and other garden treasures. Set against nature’s backdrop, I’m Growing Great is a vibrant book that will bring spring wonder and fun to life, as well as foster lessons on confidence and self-esteem for girls of all ages this vernal season.

A Crown for Corina by Laeken Zea Kemp

A little girl wears a white dress and a crown of mixed colorful flowers--large and small--and a butterfly, hummingbird, and bee flying beside the flowers. The title sits across the center of the cover in large, purple letters. The author's name sits at the bottom in smaller purple letters. Everything is set against a light blue background.

We’re traveling to Mexico to learn about the significance behind the Mexican flower crown in this wonderful tale all about traditions we hold dear. It’s Corina’s birthday, and she gets to don the special flower crown made up of the most beautiful and biggest flowers plucked by her abuela! With each flower comes a story that instills family heritage and love. This spring, explore ideas of what family symbols and tradition truly mean for Corina in A Crown for Corina.

Fletcher and the Springtime Blossoms: A Springtime Book for Kids by Julia Rawlinson

A happy fox sits in a meadow full of various flowers watching butterflies fly around it. The title sits at the top of the cover in purple letters. The author's name sits near the bottom in small, blue letters. Everything is set against a bright yellow background sprinkled with falling flower petals.

The warmth of spring is upon Fletcher and his friends, and he is certainly enjoying the sunny weather. But when white flakes begin falling to the ground, Fletcher must spread the news of a coming winter. Now, it’s up to Fletcher and his friends to get the most out of spring while they can before the cold clears away their blue skies and the flowers and trees sit leafless and petalless until the warm season returns. Join Fletcher and his animal buddies and enjoy spring together with the entire family.

If you’re on the hunt for children’s books to enjoy this spring season, these are just some of the flowery-sweet stories sure to brighten your kids’ days, especially when it rains. Leap into these blossoming adventures with characters that will make you and your family fall in love over and over again.

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