Señorita Cometa: A Mysterious Heroine Seeking Justice!

If a mysterious investigation and police justice are your favorite plot themes, try reading Webtoon Señorita Cometa. A badass IT who is seeking justice for her friend.

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Webtoon has every genre you can think of. Have you been craving an excellent investigative police story? For those who want justice and mystery, try reading Señorita Cometa. The creator, Arechan, updates the comic every Saturday. Be prepared for a secret heroine who serves justice. With their brains and boldness, they can bring the truth to their city.

Señorita Cometa Plot


The crime city of Yoalco is ruled by two elite gangs who are above the law. Citizens still hope the police can take control and reprimand those who are villainous, but some don’t seem to care. Alejandra, also known as Alex, won’t stand for the system to keep ignoring justice. She’ll just have to serve justice herself. When she feels powerless over her missing friend, she takes matters into her own hands. Alex becomes a phantom thief named Cometa. As she secretly does her own investigation, the deeper she gets, the more corruption she finds within the city. Hopefully, it will be enough to find Lola and expose the city’s wrongdoings.

Señorita Cometa Characters

Alejandra Estrella


Alex is a tech specialist and IT person for the police department. She is an inventive expert in hacking and technology. When her best friend Lola goes missing, Alex begins to do a personal secret investigation of who would be behind it. When a woman is killed in a famous club known as the territory of one of the elite gangs in their city, she wonders if it’s tied to her friend’s disappearance. Very charismatic, intelligent, and inventive, with her colleague Adalmundo they decide to investigate the woman’s death. The investigation leads to a string of new evidence and corruption. She goes under the name the news gives her, ‘Cometa.’ However, they classify her as a male vigilante who steals.



No longer a cop in the field, he is still in the police department, sorting through the paperwork and other administrative duties. He didn’t expect to be involved in new employee Alex’s antics. But when she discovers evidence about a recent woman’s death, reluctantly, he helps her investigate. He is a very rules-oriented man who loves romance novels and is smitten by ally Sofia.

Damian Puig


Damian Puig is a very well-known detective who now solely works for the police department of Yoalco city. He barely sleeps and takes care of himself, which explains his haggard appearance, long hair, and dark undereye circles. He is a master at profiling people’s intentions. However, upon meeting Alex for the first time, she is a mystery. He starts off by flirting slightly to find information, but he soon realizes she isn’t interested in him, at least not in that way. Damian is intrigued and impressed with her passion and interest in technology and inventing. Little does he know she is a big help in the recent investigation sweeping the city.



Part of one of the elite gangs within the city, he was a dedicated boyfriend to Lola. When she goes missing, he will stop at nothing to find her. Alex keeps him updated on her secret investigation of Lola’s disappearance. He tries to protect Alex from getting in trouble with the rival gang.



She is in medical practice and knows a few people who hack. She is Alex’s current roommate and helps her when she is injured. Martina is aware of her friend’s investigation of Lola but wishes for her safety since many women are being assaulted and kidnapped.



Lottie is an avatar persona with a famous youtube channel that discusses news, politics, and injustice brought upon by the system. She has secret sources and contacts, which makes collaborating with Alex helpful. At first, she wasn’t sure Alex was the mysterious Cometa. However, their strategies have brought new evidence to take down evil. Lottie is also friends with Sofia Guerrero.

Sofia Guerrero


Sofia Guerrero is a high-profile woman who is an activist and prosecutor. She seeks justice and usually goes after highly profiled people and criminals. Sofia soon becomes part of the strategy of taking elite criminals into custody and exposing them to crimes the city wasn’t aware of. Her brother is one of her bodyguards, and Lottie is an ally she trusts.



Lola is the woman who started this investigation. She is Alex’s best friend. Not much is known about her, other than she was Gerson’s boyfriend and enjoyed parkour with Alex. Based on her position as of now, she wasn’t kidnapped against her will. She helps other poor girls and gives them support during their time in the dark.

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