‘Rings of Power’ Teases An Action-Packed Episode 6

We’ve got our first look at this Friday’s episode of ‘The Rings of Power,’ which looks to deliver an action-packed battle between Men, Elves, and Orcs.

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Rings of Power Episode 6

Ahead of Friday’s new episode, Prime Video has released a clip and a batch of promotional stills from episode six of The Rings of Power. A few of the stills are pretty revealing— some might go as far as to say they’re spoilers.

If you’re wanting to go into this week’s episode completely blind, don’t worry, the spoiler-esque images have been flagged as “Sensitive Content,” so you won’t see them unless you want to. But, of course, you’re free to check them out below along with the clip if you wish.

Read ahead at your own risk!

Last week’s Rings of Power episode saw Galadriel and Halbrand finally set sail for Middle-Earth with Míriel, Elendil, Isildur, and an army of Númenoreans to aid the Southlanders against Adar and his forces. Until they arrive, though, Arondir and Bronwyn will have to make do with what little they have to fight back against the impending siege.

Prime Video has given audiences their first look at the action-packed battle that will take place between the Southlanders and Orcs. In the clip below, you can see a sneak peek of Arondir taking on some Orcs and meeting his match.


Additionally, Prime Video has released a few promotional stills featuring Galadriel and the Númenoreans preparing for battle. One Twitter user, Daily Rings of Power, was kind enough to share the images, marking some of them as “Sensitive” so users could avoid seeing them if they wished. Check them out below!

VIA @DailyRoP

You can catch episode six of Prime Video’s The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power this Friday at 12 am ET.

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