‘Rings of Power’ Twitter Round-Up: 15 Must-Read Tweets

It’s time for another Twitter round-up. I gathered 15 of the best ‘Rings of Power’ tweets from Episode 5, so you didn’t have to!

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rings of power episode 5 round up

There is nothing quite like finishing an episode and seeing what fans are brewing up on Twitter. Here are the must-read tweets from Episode 5 of Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

The theories keep getting deeper with every episode of Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. Episode 5 showed us a beautiful montage of the Harfoot journey. We saw elements of friendship and loyalty that forged unbreakable bonds. Somehow they also gave us even more breathtaking scenery. Amazon truly is taking Tolkien’s world and doing it so much justice.

Let’s see what the fans are saying on Twitter after watching Episode 5.

1. We Are All Thinking It Right?

cr. via Twitter @hobbitsimp_

2. A Comparison..

cr. via Twitter @cianmaher0

3. The Best Day Of All!

cr. via Twitter @arwenaragorns

4. Im Serious. We Are All Thinking This.

cr. via Twitter @TolkienWonder

5. Waldreg Went Too Far.

cr. via Twitter @OverlordDan

6. We Love Middle-Earth.

cr. via Twitter @KensRea

7. I Think We All Looked This Way.

cr. via Twitter @hobbitsimp_

8. I Simply Have No Words.

cr. via Twitter @Goodgulf3319

9. Sign Me Up!

cr. via Twitter @hobbitsimp_

10. A Bit Of Song For You.

cr. via Twitter @TolkienWonder

11. He Woke Up Like This.

cr. via Twitter @Immerwild

12. Are We Seeing A Trend Here?

cr. via Twitter @AndreaRaeLAc


cr. via Twitter @KeenOmega_

14. It’s Giving Big Gandalf Vibes

cr. via Twitter @AdmiralNick22

15. We Truly Stan.

cr. via Twitter @galadriyen

A very fine Twitter round-up this week and a steady trend of “Who in the heck is Sauron?” being asked across the board. The more the show continues, the tighter it fits into Tolkien’s lore letting all of us Middle-earth lovers travel back each week.

I will leave you with this image of Theo and Arondir. Did anyone else find this entire scene puzzling? What was with that statue on the wall? Who the heck is Sauron! Good thing we have five seasons to find out.

Rings of Power Twitter Round-up

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