Rest and Relax with these Beautiful Coloring Books Based on Your Favorite Series

It’s National Coloring Day and that means it’s the perfect time to sit down and relax. Enjoy these 10 coloring books based on your favorite series.

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It’s National Coloring Day, and what better way to celebrate than getting some colored pencils out and reliving your favorite series’s best moments? These coloring books are perfect after a stressful workday or for your spare free time. Let’s make our world brighter by checking out these 10 literary coloring books.

The Lunar Chronicles

Large Chinese Palace with a big moon above it and a space ship flying past coloring book image

This out-of-this-world coloring book will allow you to color your favorite fairy tale couples in some of their most harrowing scenes. The sci-fi fantasy novel is as lively as ever as the coloring book incorporates locations, scenes, and character portraits that you’ll be sure to hang on the fridge.

A Court of Thorns and Roses

Red coloring book cover with brunette woman dressed in a black dress standing in front of a window with a flaming fist image

This enchanting coloring book is sure to cure your Sarah J. Maas withdrawals. From Spring to Night Court, this coloring book illustrates the epic journey Feyre takes throughout the novels. Stunning images cleverly paired with quotes are sure to create a Feyre-approved Gallery.

The Selection Series

Balcony over garden with couple kissing with the woman wearing half colored blue dress coloring book image

This coloring book is one of the best “selections” you can make for yourself. America’s journey to her happily ever after is laid out on the pages waiting for you to bring it to life. The book allows you to color in hand-lettered quotes and some of your favorite scenes from the series to keep your love of the series ongoing.


Brunette woman bandaging man's shoulder near fireplace coloring book image

We may not be able to have a time-traveling journey of our own, but we can live vicariously through this coloring book. Follow Claire and Jamie’s epic romance page by page as you color different scenes and settings. You’re sure to love this coloring book as much as you love hearing the word “Sassenach”.

Game of Thrones

Half colored woman in a dress with an owl walking in a garden area coloring book image

There’s an irony to a dark show like Game of Thrones having a coloring book, but it’s fun nonetheless. House sigils, characters’ personal items, and scenes from the series are sure to keep you as busy as the series did. The coloring book brings a lightness to the series that is sure to ease your mind after a stressful episode.

The Bridgerton Series

Bouquet of flowers on a table in a drawing room with a large window and piano coloring book image

A night of watching Bridgerton and coloring along? Sign me up! This swoon-worthy coloring book animates the fun and interesting Bridgerton family, along with the beautiful settings where their romances blossomed. This captivating coloring book is one to keep close to you while waiting for the newest season.

The Mortal Instruments

Blonde man riding a uncolored motorcycle with red-headed woman on the back coloring book image

An artist like Clary is sure to approve of this one. The series is full of iconic moments and the chance to color them all in is sure to thrill you. The mystical world of shadow hunters is available for coloring, and it looks good! Every page you complete is sure to have you glowing with pride like an archangel.

Red Queen

half colored crown beneath a half colored archway coloring book image

The revolution takes on a new form as you can now color along with Mare’s heroic journey. The coloring book includes hand-lettered quotes and scenes from the novel that is sure to please both red and silver-blooded residents. Relive Mare’s high stake moments one by one as you flip through the coloring book.

Anne of Green Gables

red haired girl with pigtails smiling at brunette girl in small village in the forest coloring book image

This coloring book may be as vibrant as Anne herself. Embrace childhood nostalgia by coloring Anne’s adventures and reading along with the story written into the coloring book. We’re positive if Anne herself knew about it, she’d be talking about the coloring book for hours.

The Chronicles of Narnia

Half colored lion surrounded by leaves and various character images on coloring book

Like the Pevensie children going into the wardrobe, you can jump into the world of Narnia through this coloring book. This beautiful and intricate coloring book captures the magic of Narnia perfectly. Color your way through the chronicles as you take in the breathtaking artwork and quotes sure to leave you yearning for more pages.

Reduce your stress and start coloring your favorites series!

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