Ranking Magical Items From ‘The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe’

Narnia: a place all of us wish we could visit. It is a faraway land with unexpected portals, talking animals, and some extremely cool magical items.

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Growing up watching The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, I was always fascinated by the magical world that the Pevensie children discovered. From the evil White Witch’s breathtaking castle to talking beavers, to Dryads and Naiads, there was much to be enthralled by in the world of Narnia. And some of the most interesting magic, in my opinion, came in the form of simple magical objects.

That being said, here is my definitive personal ranking of some of the most iconic magical items from the movie, based on how much I wished I could have them as a child.

5. The White Witch’s Turkish Delight

Edmund Pevensie eating Turkish delight

While this might not sound like a magical item, it was, in fact, enchanted by the White Witch before she gave it to Edmund. It caused him to become so desperate for more, that he was even willing to betray his siblings by turning them over into the hands of the evil witch. Edmund might have already been a greedy little boy, but even he wouldn’t have become a traitor to his own flesh and blood over just any old Turkish Delight.

This Narnian Turkish Delight must have been far superior to any that could have been found in our world. And let me tell you, when I was younger, it really did seem like the most amazing dessert in the world! I distinctly remember being very let down after trying (non-Narnian and non-enchanted) Turkish Delight for the first time.

4. Mr. Tumnus’s Flute

Mr. Tumnus's flute

While it is a magical item that doesn’t get much fanfare, we can’t downplay how awesome it would be to have a flute that could make any listener fall asleep. Unfortunately, Mr. Tumnus used his flute-playing skills on Lucy, while he was still working for the White Witch, and it was seen to be a formidable magical tool. Imagine being able to put anyone to sleep at any time with a few notes on a flute. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a pretty amazing use of magic to me. Mr. Tumnus really should have hung on to that and used it for good.

3. Susan’s Horn

Susan Pevensie's horn

In addition to looking completely iconic, Susan’s horn was a very practical and immensely helpful gift to give a young girl who was thrown into Narnia with no previous fighting experience. While she became better and better with her bow and arrow over time, it didn’t hurt her to also have a horn that would undoubtedly bring help every time she blew it. This is definitely one of the magical items that will be on the top of my list for Father Christmas if I ever find my way into Narnia!

2. Lucy’s Cordial


Made from the juice of the Fire-Flowers that grow in the mountains of the Sun, just a few drops of the cordial could cure almost any sickness, and it could even revive someone who was near death. Beyond the extraordinary healing powers of the medicine, something about the little bottle it came in made it sound so appealing to me as a child.

Forget about how it could save someone from death, the real question I wanted answered was if it tasted as good as it looked! (I’m a simple girl. Give me a box of that Turkish Delight and a glass of Lucy’s cordial, and I’m happy.) But in all seriousness, it was one of the most useful of the magic items. After all, it did save Edmund’s life at the end of the battle, when he was suffering from a wound he received from the White Witch.

1. The White Witch’s Wand


Speaking of the White Witch, her wand simply has to take the place as the best magical item. I mean, come on, a wand that can turn people into stone? Sign me up! I may or may not have some people it would come in handy to use it on (only kidding, of course!). But not only is it awesome in battle, it also looks stunning and regal, fit for a queen.

And apparently, you can actually buy the official prop they used in the movie today! Minus the part of the wand that Peter cuts off with his sword while he is fighting the White Witch, but who needs that anyway? While there are clearly many iconic magical items in Narnia, you just can’t beat a wand that can turn anyone or anything into stone.

And there you have it, my definitive ranking of magical items from Narnia! Now, if only I could find my own personal portal to Narnia so that I could get my hands on some of these. Unfortunately, my own wardrobe hasn’t proven very helpful so far.

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