12 Bookish Christmas Cards That Are Truly Be-yule-tiful

Not impressed by the Christmas cards at the grocery store? Don’t fret! We’ve got 12 bookish Christmas card suggestions that are Claus for celebration.

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12 Bookish Christmas Cards

On the 12th day of Christmas, Bookstr gave to me, 12 bookish holiday cards! As a person who used to work for a major card company, I can attest to the crowds of people surrounding the seasonal card section before Christmas hit. I was always intrigued by the unique card designs, but during my time, I noticed the lack of bookish-themed cards. Luckily, Bookstr is here to remedy that problem.

As the 25th of December approaches, card departments will be full to the brim with Christmas cards. But you won’t have to search through the hundreds of cards any longer. If you’re looking for a nice bookish Christmas card to send out, keep on reading! We’ve got 12 great suggestions down below. As a plus, all featured cards are from small businesses on Etsy!

1. Season’s Readings Card

12 Bookish Christmas Cards That Are Truly Be-yule-tiful. Season's Readings Christmas card with Christmas books, a candle, tea, and glasses.

Impress your bookish friends by sending out this charming Season’s Readings Christmas card! Designed by Etsy shop, KimroStudio, this card is sure to bring some glee during the holidays. Inspired by some of Kimro’s favorite Christmas tales, this handmade card puts books front and center for all to see. This card is so beautifully designed, that I’m shocked it’s not sold by major retailers. 

You can find this Season’s Readings Christmas card, here!

Find other handmade cards from their Etsy shop, here!

2. Christmas Card Bundle

12 Bookish Christmas Cards That Are Truly Be-yule-tiful. Christmas card bundle with 4 cards.

Picking out a singular card to get someone can lead to unnecessary stress. But now, you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect card. Etsy shop, itslauracrow, has done all the work for you! In her Christmas card bundle, you get a set of eight uniquely designed cards. Featuring four different illustrations of famous books and authors, you’ll be able to impress all your bookish friends and family this year, all without having to spend hours in the card department. 

Add this Christmas card bundle to your cart, here!

Find more bookish and historical pieces, here!

3. Read, Eat, & Be Merry Card

12 Bookish Christmas Cards That Are Truly Be-yule-tiful. Eat, Read, and Be Merry card

Thinking of giving your friends and family books this holiday season? Then pair them with this great bookish holiday card! Etsy shop, foragepaperco, made sure that the featured books were the main focal point for this card. What other better combinations are there than eating, reading, and being merry? You can either get a single card or a pack of eight for $24! In the card industry, that’s a huge sale for a unique card to give to the ones you love. 

Pick up this book-centered holiday card, here!

Find other great finds from foragepaperco, here!

4. “Frosty the Snowman” Card

12 Bookish Christmas Cards That Are Truly Be-yule-tiful. Frosty the Snowman card with quote from TV show.

If your family and friends used to love “Frosty the Snowman,” then this next card is a must-have! Illustrated by DebbraObertanecArt, this card is sure to bring back all the nostalgia of watching Christmas TV specials during our childhoods. Decorated with a delightful image of Frosty and a quote from the classic TV special, this card sets itself up to be a top seller during the holidays. Whether your friends and family loved the TV adaptation or the song, they’ll be a jolly, happy soul when they see this card. 

Buy this “Frosty the Snowman” card, here!

Browse through DebbraObertanceArt’s Etsy page, here!

5. Merry Bookmas Card

12 Bookish Christmas Cards That Are Truly Be-yule-tiful. Christmas card of a Christmas tree made of books.

Setting up the Christmas tree is one of the most important and fun activities of the holidays. When you add books to the mix, it only gets better. Etsy shop, SymplePrints, decided to meld those two ideas together, and design a Christmas card that will make book lovers everywhere jump with joy. If your friends don’t have their own Christmas tree made of books, now they do! Made with 100% sustainable materials, this Christmas card is perfect for all your bookish friends and relatives. 

Purchase this Bookmas tree card, here!

Pick out more cards from SymplePrints, here!

6. Gingerbread Men Card

12 Bookish Christmas Cards That Are Truly Be-yule-tiful. Gingerbread men Christmas card.

The cuteness of this Christmas card is overwhelming. These gingerbread people are living their best lives on the front page. Made to look like a neighborhood library box, Etsy seller, annyamarttinen, put all of their creative energy into this stunning Christmas card. Your family is sure to be in awe of the gingerbread people going about their daily lives amongst a world full of books. 

Buy this adorable gingerbread card, here!

Find other standout illustrations from annyamarttinen, here!

7. Shakespeare Christmas Card

12 Bookish Christmas Cards That Are Truly Be-yule-tiful. Shakespeare Christmas card.

Are your bookish friends a fan of all things Shakespeare? Then they’re bound to love this humorous Shakespeare Christmas card! Etsy shop, GuttersnipePress, creates handmade cards that any English teacher, librarian, or book lover would get a kick out of. Printed on premium cardstock, your friends can rest assured that this holiday card will stand the test of time. With a little bit of humor thrown in, the people in your life can celebrate the holidays like it’s 1597!

Grab this Shakespeare card while you still can, here!

Browse through other literary items from GuttersnipePress, here!

8. TBR Holiday Card

12 Bookish Christmas Cards That Are Truly Be-yule-tiful. TBR holiday card with books on it.

Want to get a card that helps motivate your friends to get through their TBR? Then this might be the right one for you! As things begin to slow down for the holidays, we all have a little more time to dive into the books that have been collecting dust on our bookshelves. Etsy shop, LuckyDogMailClub, has made the perfect card for those who want to cross off more books from their TBR. With a bookish greeting and a message of hope, your bookish friends will feel encouraged and thankful for having you in their life. 

You can find the TBR holiday card, here!

Search for more great finds at LuckyDogMailClub’s shop, here!

9. Punny Christmas Card

12 Bookish Christmas Cards That Are Truly Be-yule-tiful. Funny Christmas card with a bookshelf on it.

In the card industry, puns sell fast! Everyone wants to get their hands on Christmas cards that will make you laugh, and this set of cards does just that. Created by Etsy shop, OliveandSageCreative, this Christmas card uses its play on words to its advantage. I absolutely adore these types of cards. Coming in a box set of nine cards, they give you all the bookish and festive feels, without having too much of Christmas shoved down your throat. 

You can buy this charming Christmas card, here!

Look at OliveandSageCreative’s catalog, here!

10. Santa’s Favorite Books Card

12 Bookish Christmas Cards That Are Truly Be-yule-tiful. Christmas card with Santa hats on top of a pile of books.

Ever wonder what Santa’s favorite books might be? Etsy seller, LovedayDesignsOnEtsy, certainly has. This Christmas card is great for younger kids who have struck an interest in reading. Give them the joy of looking through some of Santa’s top book picks for the holidays. The titles that LovedayDesigns came up with are truly impressive. Your kids will probably start asking where they can get Santa’s top 10 books.

Pick up this adorable Santa card, here!

Interested in other finds from LovedayDesignsOnEtsy, click here!

11. Pride and Prejudice Christmas Card

12 Bookish Christmas Cards That Are Truly Be-yule-tiful. 'Pride and Prejudice' christmas card with original illustrations.

You need to run, not walk, to grab these amazing Pride and Prejudice-themed Christmas cards! Etsy seller, regencyaustentation, brings these scenes from the book to life. Using the vintage illustrations from Hugh Thompson, and adding a pop of color, these Christmas cards will make any Jane Austen fans rock around the Christmas tree. And that’s not all! When you look at the back of the card, you’ll see a marvelous Christmas quote from Jane Austen herself. What could be better than that?

Buy this Pride and Prejudice card before it sells out, here!

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12. Bookish Jokes Christmas Cards

12 Bookish Christmas Cards That Are Truly Be-yule-tiful. Bookish jokes Christmas cards.

The more puns, the better! If your friends or family are certified nerds when it comes to books, you have to grab some of these quirky Christmas cards. Sold by Etsy shop, BeautifullyBookishUK, they really know how to make a good bookish Christmas pun. Choose one of the four options, or splurge on your family, and get the whole set for only $10! Filled with amusing little drawings, your family is sure to think that these cards are elfin’ hilarious. 

Grab these geeky Christmas cards, here!

Buy more from BeautifullyBookishUK, here!

Don’t settle for any ordinary Christmas card this holiday season. Instead, add some bookish pizzazz to your card-giving. With these 12 unique Christmas cards, you’re almost certain to sleigh the holidays this year. 

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