Praise for 5 Faerie Tale Novels for Your TBR

A Faerie Tale can be a dark fantasy full of magic and wonder. International Fairy Day we can praise these five novels which focus on fairies!

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One genre of novels that always bring fantasy and magic to life are fairy tales. Fairies are unique creatures that look and change differently based on the author’s vision. To celebrate International Fairy Day, here are five fairy tale novels for your TBR list.

1. Wickedly Lovely by Melissa Marr


There are three rules you must follow when encountering a faerie.

#3: Don’t stare at invisible faeries- Aislinn can see them walk amongst the human world. They are powerful and cruel. She must not let them know they’re being watched.

#2: Don’t speak to them- faeries begin to stalk her, Keenan, being an enchanting yet terrifying one, asks her questions. But Aislinn is fearful if she gives an answer.

#1 Don’t attract attention-Keenan is the Summer King, who has been looking for a queen for nine centuries. Summer will perish unless he finds someone to rule with. He wants Aislinn and is determined to have her, even if it’s against her wishes.

When none of the rules work , she could potentially lose her family, best friend Seth, and her own life. This book has ancient themes and specific rules with modern expectations clashed together for the ultimate fantasy.

2. Snow & Rose by Emily Winfield Martin


A colorful illustration about sisterhood with a fantasy themes of fairytales.

The sisters weren’t aware they were in a fairytale.

They lived in a big house and had gardens and servants: a mother and father. But the father disappears into the woods, and the mother fills with sorrow.

The woods are waiting … for two sisters to break a set of terrible spells.

If you crave an adventure and a sibling bond, then this story is it.

3. Sprite and the Gardener by Joe Whitt, Rii Abrego


Long ago, gardens were created and taken care of by magical sprites. When humans began gardening on their own the sprites were just a magical story of the past. Now, Wisteria, an ambitious and warm-hearted sprite, starts asking questions about the past. She begins a journey of gardening and honing her new skills. But when she begins to use them, they might not be as welcoming as she intended.

This graphic novel has vibrant colors and is a gentle, whimsical fantasy about a blossoming friendship.

4. The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black


A girl who provides a secret sacrifice to the faerie king.

There is a story about a glass coffin in the woods. In the coffin there is a boy with thorns on his head and pointy ears. Hazel and her younger brother Ben live in Fairfold, a place where humans and folk live side by side. They told each other stories regarding the glass coffin. There is a prince inside, and they would be his knights. The prince would be different from the other fairies who were bargainers, dangerous, hid in the shadows, and caused chaos for human tourists.

But time passes, and Hazel grows up not believing in such fantasies. Until he awakens. He has awakened. Soon, she is becoming the knight she told about in her stories.

5. These Hollow Vows by Lexi Ryan


An action-packed fantasy about a girl and two faerie courts and two handsome men.

Brie despises Fae’s kind, even if it means being homeless and starving. But when her sister is sold to the sadistic King of Unseelie court to pay off a debt, she must do anything to get her sister back. When she is offered a task to steal three magical relics from the Seelie Court she takes it.

Brie poses as a bride candidate for Prince Ronan but ends up falling for him. However, she doesn’t strive in her mission and joins forces with a group of Unseelie misfits who have their own agenda with the Unseelie court. With their mysterious leader, Finn, she wonders where her ‘loyalty’ lies, who to trust, and figuring out her heart.

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