Overheard At Bookstr: Confessions Of A Bookworm

Calling all bookworms, we’re sharing some of the biggest bookish confessions overheard at Bookstr.

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Bookstr is full of bookworms, so it’s no surprise we have a variety of opinions when it comes to reading. Whether you’re a picky reader, part of the hardcover vs. paperback debate, or have an unhinged reading ritual, know that you’re not alone. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite confessions. Maybe you see yourself in some of them!

Confessions of A Bookworm

Be honest. You have an interesting hot take when it comes to reading or have heard some pretty outlandish things from a bibliophile. We all have our little bookish secrets, and we encourage you to share yours! Do you have an unpopular opinion? Where do you stand on the print vs. e book debate? Has Booktok ruined your life? Here are some of the best confessions we’ve overheard from our team.

To Highlight or Not to Highlight? To Write or Not To Write?


I hate when people write or highlight in their books. I swear, they are destroying a precious piece of art in my eyes. I’m sorry … I love a good sticky note, though!

I will write in a book with no hesitation. I will draw, sketch, underline, and highlight. And I know defacing a book is like a heinous crime in the book community, but it just helps me keep my thoughts collected. Plus, it’s fun to go back through and see everything I thought originally. For example, my copy of The Road is littered in orange highlighter and pen and sketches, the spine is also broken. I promise I love my books though, I still take care of the outside.

I religiously highlight my books because my dad jokingly once said that I had so many books that if we ever needed, we would sell them. No one wants to buy a highlighted book. Sorry not sorry.

I HATE writing in books unless it’s at the beginning with a note from someone who gave you that book.

Some Unhinged Behavior

I once met someone who ripped the cover off every book they owned. They framed the covers or pinned them up on their walls like posters. I thought the covers on the wall were prints until I pulled a book off their bookshelf to find the cover missing. Super unhinged behavior.

This is going to sound weird, but I have this little ritual before reading a book. First, I have a glass of white wine. Then, I hit the book three times against my forehead for some reason, perhaps in hopes that I didn’t just spend money on a book I won’t enjoy.

When reading romance books, I don’t care what physical descriptions the author wrote for the protagonist. I am envisioning my crush.

If I’m reading a book and come across a word I don’t know, I’ll immediately Google it. I can’t continue reading until I know the meaning and etymology of the said word.

The Paperback vs. Hardcover Debate


Paperback covers over hardcovers any day. I will forever be a paperback girl. You can leave the hardcovers for the coffee table girls.

I’m going to get such flack for this, but I’m very particular about the type of book I buy. I’ll only get paperback books, specifically so I can crack the spine. I know— biggest disgrace. But look, the more the spine is cracked, the more I enjoyed the book! But look, the more the spine is cracked, the more I enjoyed the book! My bookshelf is littered with books that have barely recognizable spines. Like, I’ve got books from high school that have the covers almost falling off because I can’t help myself. I love receiving books as gifts, but I’m (apparently) hard to buy for because of my toxic trait.

I’ll admit; hardcovers over paperbacks. There’s something about them that draws me to them, y’know? It could be the feel and the look of it, which is why the majority of my “makeshift library” is pretty much hardcovers. They look nicer when they’re a part of a collection.

It’s paperback over hardcover books for me because they are lighter to carry. Although I’ll admit, hardcover books look a lot cooler.

Picky Readers

I can’t bring myself to spend double digits on a book I’m not 99% certain I’ll love. It’s library books and used copies for me.


I’m really picky about buying a new book in the store. Even if there’s a book I’ve been dying to get, I won’t buy it if the copies have minor things wrong with them, like creased pages, a tiny tear in the cover, a random smudge, etc. I would rather walk out empty-handed than buy a book that isn’t in perfect condition. I’m the only one that’s allowed to damage my book.

I honestly prefer to buy from used book stores because you can find reads already inscribed in or annotated, which always makes me sort of emotional. It feels more special. I think I romanticize the idea of inheriting a book already well-read or loved by someone – even if that person is completely anonymous.

Hot Takes

Not to be one of those girls, but when books are overhyped on Bookstagram or BookTok, it makes me want to read them less and less…

I think they should induct Joan Didion into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. I will not explain further.

I’m obsessed with having all the books of something, like a whole series and all hardback or paperback, which means I’ve sometimes ended up with multiple copies of the same book. But I also can’t get rid of the other copy. I want all the books! I’ve also gone so far as to own every book an author wrote because I loved them so much. The current obsession is Colleen Hoover’s books.

My toxic trait is that I truly believe I’m the main character.

Print vs. E-books

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I prefer a physical book over an ebook, mostly because you can’t smell the book. Honestly, how can you not love the smell of a new book or occasionally the smell of an old one?!

I prefer print books to ebooks because of the satisfaction I get while turning the pages and gauging how much I’ve read.

More Unhinged Behavior

I’m the type of reader who never has an actual bookmark. It’s just easier to use anything within reach, and doggy-earring is a definite no-no for me. My books may commonly be bookmarked with: a pen, a necklace, a lip balm tube, a Harry Styles cd, and even another book.

I’ve missed my stop on multiple trains because I HAD to finish THAT chapter. A job can wait.

When reading romance books, I don’t care what physical descriptions the author wrote for the protagonist. I am envisioning my crush.

I will not share any of my books. Those are my children. Are you ready for that kind of commitment? Didn’t think so.

Bookworms are a unique bunch and we’re not afraid to share our opinions when it comes to books. Now that we’ve shared our secrets, we want to hear yours! Feel free to share your bookish confessions with us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We look forward to seeing what you’ve overheard or your hot take on reading.