Paws and Pages: Introducing the Furry Friends of Bookstr!

In the whimsical world of Bookstr, where tales come to life on pages, our pets add their own magical twist, turning every day into a paw-some adventure!

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Step into the enchanting world of Bookstr, where literary adventures come alive not just on the pages but also in the playful antics of our beloved pets! From fluffy companions to mischievous critters, the Bookstr team boasts a delightful array of furry friends who add their own special charm to our daily lives. Join us as we introduce you to these adorable companions and share the heartwarming tales that bind us together.

Dolly, the Golden Retriever

This little lady right here? Yep, she’s my nine-year-old daughter. Weird, huh? But that’s how it feels when you’ve got a fur baby like Dolly. I’d been begging my mom for a dog since forever, and finally, when I was 15, she caved. I’ll never forget the day Dolly came bounding out of the car, her little legs all wobbly, tail wagging like crazy. It was like an instant love connection — I knew right then and there that I’d do anything for her. I named her Dolly after my mom’s childhood Collie, and let me tell you, Mom got pretty teary-eyed when she found out.

Dolly, the golden retriever

Now, Dolly’s no ordinary Golden Retriever. She’s all about her personal space. Sure, she’ll tolerate some cuddles, but when she’s in the mood to get up close and personal, watch out! She’ll smother you with love until she’s had her fill. But you know what’s the coolest thing? Whenever she catches me with a book, she’ll plop herself down right beside me, sometimes a bit too close for comfort. Then, she’ll just chill and listen while I read out loud. Sometimes she’ll even nod off, head resting on my lap, and other times, she’ll stare at me with those big, soulful eyes, silently begging for more story. And if I dare to stop before she’s had enough? Well, let’s just say she’s not shy about letting me know — it’s all gentle paw taps until I pick up where I left off. Yep, Dolly’s one of a kind, and I feel super lucky to have her in my life, bringing joy and love in her own furry, adorable way.

  • Trish G, Editorial

Samantha, the Calico and My Four Tabbies

We’re animal lovers at my house, which is how we ended up with five cats (coming off of having five dogs). My indoor cat’s name is Samantha. She’s a 13-year-old calico whom I’ve had since I was 15. Meanwhile, I have a family of four tabbies outside: Mau, the mom; Míu, the firstborn; and his sisters, Velvet and Tigress. They’re all the loves of my life, and they all drive me crazy in their own way.

Samantha, the Calico × My Four Tabbies

Samantha’s needy and moody, but she’ll cuddle with me while I read. Mau’s overly cautious, but she’s a sweetheart who waits for me when I walk to the mailbox. Míu wants all the attention and would have you pet him endlessly if he could. Velvet, who’s soft as velvet, is a bit airheaded, but she always responds to me with her adorable high-pitched voice. And Tigress? She scares easily, but she’ll let me scratch the back of her ear until her head’s dipped all the way to the ground. And that, Bookstr readers, is my cat harem.

  • Gabriela Collazo, Editorial

Thor, 6-year-old Persian

Thor’s been with me through thick and thin. I spent my high school years moving around due to my mom’s travel nursing jobs, and he was the one piece of consistency. I drag him along to all my adventures now. He has a few quirks. He often jumps in my lap when I’m in the middle of reading, drawing, or playing a video game. He also likes to sit on his hind legs whenever he hears a weird nose. I wish I could say he had a Bookish name, but he was named after the Marvel Avengers.

Thor, 6-year-old Persian

If he starts getting worrisome, I’ll just tell him, “Show me what’s wrong,” and he’ll lead me to a shut door or his food (which sometimes I have to shuffle in his bowl so he can’t see the bottom, otherwise it’s considered empty even when there’s plenty all around the edges). He makes squeaky noises when he’s picked up or just casually walking around. His nose does the little whistle like Lucifer in Cinderella, and since he was a kitten, he takes up half of my pillow at night. He’s the umbrella on a rainy day, the security blanket on a dark night, and a friend that never fades into a memory.

  • Talia Wall, Graphics

Lalu the Siberian Husky and Talu the Siberian Husky/Alaskan Malamute

From my island language, Lalu is short for a word that translates to “mad” whereas Talu means “again” which should be context enough! Their names were based on how their faces and masks looked when they were much younger. Don’t let that fool you though, as they are the most social and friendliest dogs that can be! They love it when people visit the house and deem it necessary to greet them by catapulting full force into their legs. Despite the husky in him, Lalu is pretty quiet with a forever pissed-off look on his face, but he’s a huge cuddler. Talu on the other hand is pretty vocal with a much friendlier look on his face, but doesn’t cuddle as much. They’re opposites in some ways, but Talu adopted a lot of the mannerisms of his older brother.

Lalu the Siberian Husky & Talu the Siberian Husky/Alaskan Malamute

They both keep me company the majority of the time when I’m reading. If I happen to lay on the floor with a book in hand, they lay down too and press up against me so much I’m pretty much suffocating in endless fluff! By the end of it, I’m sure I can use one of the fur bunches that end up on my clothes as a bookmark. This is very convenient when the winter season hits, and they’re my personal heater, but I’m at a disadvantage during the summertime. If I’m not reading? They love taking naps against the bookshelves, so maybe they enjoy the company of books like me in their own strange way.

  • Jaiden Cruz, Graphics

Odyssey, Pitbull/Pointer Mix — Our Spoiled Princess

Odyssey, Pitbull/Pointer Mix - Our Spoiled Princess

We adopted Odyssey a month before our son was born. He is the most spoiled thing ever! He absolutely refuses to lay on the ground without making himself a blanket pillow or adding more pillows to his floofy bed. He likes to snuggle me as I’m reading and try to take my attention away from the book so he can have affection. His favorite place to sleep is in my reading chair.

  • Kristi Eskew, Editorial

Hazel and Griffith

My cats are demons. They feel no remorse, and they are wanted in seven different states. They want attention when I’m busy, and when I have time for them, they won’t even glance in my direction. They flip their water dish over and then cry about it like they didn’t just do it. They snag my good shirts, and they get cat hair all over my clothes. They eat my favorite blanket. They called the police on a little girl selling lemonade outside my house.

Hazel and Griffith

But I would take a bullet for them because they are so dang cute and I don’t think I could go on without them. Hazel is my little angel; she never does anything wrong even when I catch her in the act, but Griffith is a demon. He does things that piss me off knowing full well it pisses me off. When he hears me stand up out of my chair, he drops whatever he’s doing and looks at me like I wasn’t just watching him do the thing he knows he isn’t supposed to do. To be fair, it’s partly my fault for giving him that name. Griffith’s name comes from the Japanese manga Berserk, and Griffith, in the story, is the villain. A horrible and selfish villain who betrays all of his friends for a shot at greatness. Which is exactly what Griffith would do. He would trade me in for a bag of treats. But I can’t stay mad at his puffy cheeks and the little spot on his nose.

  • Brandon Smith, Editorial

Hercules, a Mutt of Many Small Dog Breeds, and Persephone, a Tortoiseshell With a Big Attitude

So, we actually have more pets than this, but other than my fish, these are my specific pets; the others belong to the family as a whole. Hercules is like six different dog breeds, but all miniature or toy breeds. He’s 9 years old, and my cat, Persephone, is as big as him. He’s really chill and will sit next to me while doing absolutely anything! He does so many cute things, and he’s my absolute baby. He’s a bed hog and lays in the middle of my bed at night, so I can’t roll over, or I have to move him in order to get my bed back to myself.

On Mama, om Zekie, on Cleo and Everest. And Everest. And Loki. And Spudsie. And Mini.

As for Persephone, she’s got a big attitude but is also a love bug. She has this funny habit — well I think it’s funny, my mom not so much — of clawing at our wallpaper, grabbing it with her teeth, and then backing away from the wall just so she can watch it rip all the way down. Other than that, she’s very affectionate to not just us but the dogs, too. She’ll lay down and clean Hercules and let Hercules clean her quite frequently. They’re the cutest things ever. I’ve always had a thing about naming pets after Greek gods/goddesses. I chose Persephone because it’s a beautiful name, and I chose Hercules because I thought it was funny since he’s the tiniest dog ever.

  • Alexandra Mellott

Rosie, the Mini Golden Doodle

Rosie- Mini Golden Doodle

Rosie is a mid-size dog who thinks she’s much bigger and badder than she really is. She’s been known to chase off bears and coyotes. Her life’s purpose is to finally catch a chipmunk. Rosie loves everyone — except bald men — and she is the world’s best emotional support animal. She watches over her family all night long and cuddles with them as they work all day.

  • Emma Patel, Outreach

Finn, Black and White Cat

Finn - Black and white cat

Finn is a big sweetie who loves tummy rubs. He lies out by the window looking at all of the birds fly by. When we first got him he was so small he could fit right in my hand. He was so cuddly that I had him lay on me while he slept. If you ever have some treats or a piece of string, he’ll automatically be your best friend. He’s just the best little guy.

  • Justice Cowan, Graphics

Prince, a Stubborn Old Man

Prince - A Stubborn Old Man

Awe, our Prince. We have had him since he was a puppy. He is a chihuahua/Corgi mix. He is now 16 years strong, and his birthday is July 16th. He used to be black, white, and tan but is now white and tan. He is the sweetest thing and will make you feel loved. Most days, Prince sleeps and we go on walks. He is such a comfort to have, although he doesn’t bark and is very quiet so he sneaks up on you. So frustrating, LOL. He knows when you feel sad or unwell and tries to cheer you up. He loves to be in the same room as you and does not like being alone when people are at home.

  • Jazmine Butler, Social and Outreach; Vphan, Editorial

Mittens, My Stinky, Dingy, Grumpy Old-Man-Pants, Maine Coon Mix

Mittens, my stinky, dingy, grumpy old-man-pants, Maine Coon mix

My baby boy (he’s definitely NOT a baby, but he will always be to me, ya know?) is a straight stinker. His long Maine Coon fur makes him the perfect magnet for all sorts of dirt and ickies, so we’re constantly finding surprises when we pick him up. He makes messes on the floor on a regular basis, so his fur isn’t the only place we find surprises. However, when he’s not being a poop or avoiding any interactions, you can find him mewing loudly and repeatedly in the doorway for attention or sleeping in our bookshelf (which hasn’t been filled back up completely after a recent renovation). He likes to lay on my chest while I read or play my switch but will reiterate his presence any time I forget to pet him. This makes the process a bit challenging, but I love him too much to push him away.

  • Maggie Malfroid, Graphics

Scrappy Dabby Doo!

Scrappy Dabby Doo!

Scrappy Doo Jackson is the stickiest boy (he actually smells good) I know. I love him to bits and pieces. He’s the reason why I keep on going on this Earth. Whenever I’m reading (or pretty much just doing anything) he loves to scratch on my door until I open it. Once inside, he bullies me by making sure my legs are in a comfortable position while I’m reading. Even when I’m typing (like right now) he’s lying in between my legs, resting his head on the back of my thigh, rolled up in a ball. He’s a sweet boy who loves giving his momma kisses, but he can be spicy (like his mom) if he feels threatened. He loves playing with all his toys and going on walks (although his legs pop in and out of joints, so we only go a few times a week). If I’m writing my novel, he likes to lay, walk, and rest in my arms as I type away. He’s a menace like that — but my menace indeed.

  • Sierra Jackson, Editorial

In the bustling world of publishing and content creation, our pets serve as constant reminders to pause, play, and find joy in the simple moments. Whether curled up beside us as we read our favorite book or amusing us with their quirky habits, these furry companions are more than just pets — they’re cherished members of the Bookstr family. As we continue our literary journey, we’re grateful for the unconditional love and unwavering support they offer, reminding us that sometimes the greatest stories are the ones written with paw prints and purrs.

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