New Startup Takes on Community Focus To Support Writers

An exciting new startup is seeking to support writers on their publishing journey. Keep reading for more details!

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Writing your story can be an incredibly personal experience and even isolating at times. You might be looking for more feedback and don’t know where to start or if the story you’ve written has gotten enough revision before pitching it. A new startup called Ready Chapter 1 seeks to connect book publishers with writers while giving community-centered resources to help ease the publishing process.

The Importance of Community

Acknowledging the difficulties of publishing, Ready Chapter 1 takes on a more community-centered approach that helps authors feel less alone in the publishing process. According to their website, instead of continuing a rejection cycle, they offer a growth cycle, which empowers authors to help one another. This way, there are more opportunities for revision through their Peer Critique Form.

Tools and Resources

Help with revision isn’t the only thing offered to writers; building a toolkit and network are resources that Ready Chapter 1 highlights. From classes and working with experienced writers to joining contests with acquiring editors and agents as judges, writers are given opportunities to learn more about manuscripts and how to refine their work. Writers are also given Story Scores (on a scale from 1 to 5) to see what areas, like plot and characters, can be improved. While they can’t promise offers or agent representation, it’s still great to note that some of the top-scoring writers have gotten connections to various agencies such as The Bent Agency and Red Fox Literary, to name a few.

Getting support and tools for writers’ publishing journeys can be extremely beneficial both in the present and in the long run. Currently, Ready Chapter 1 is holding a contest for its first publishing partnership, as it looks for unpublished authors writing for a middle-grade audience.

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