Order Your Favorite Fry And Get Recommended A Book Series

Would you like fries with that? In celebration of National French Fry Day, order your favorite kind of fry, and we’ll serve it with a recommended book series.

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Would you like fries with that? July 13th is National French Fry Day! One of the best parts about fries is that after you eat one, you typically still have a few left on your plate. Similarly, when reading a book series, the story doesn’t end after you finish the first book. In celebration of National French Fry Day, order your favorite kind of fry, and we’ll serve it with a book series recommendation. 



You can’t go wrong with the original. If your favorite kind of fry is shoestring, you definitely love the classics. From Austen to Hemmingway, you are most likely well versed in classic literature. While you have probably read most classics, check out this series that critics and readers predict will become a classic in the future.

Italian author Elena Ferrante’s four-part series titled The Neapolitan Novels follows the lives of two best friends: Elena and Lila. Growing up in Naples, Italy, in the years following World War II, the two girls face all kinds of challenges throughout their relationship. From the strain of jealousy to the loneliness of long distances, their friendship weathers through many difficulties and differences. Over the span of sixty years, Ferrante creates a beautiful narrative that chronicles lifelong friendships through the seasons of life in these modern classics. 

Crinkle-Cut Fry


Of your friends, you are always the first to venture off the beaten path and will always march to the beat of your own drum. Books packed with exciting adventures make up most of your personal library. I recommend that you check out this adventure series.

All the Stars and Teeth, book one in Adalyn Grace’s two-part book series, follows the story of Amora Montara, the Princess of a magical Kingdom where she must learn magic. When conflict arises on the day of her magic demonstration, Amora must flee and embark on a grand adventure throughout the expanse of the kingdom with the pirate Bastian to accompany her. The world holds more wonder and peril than Amora could ever imagine. The second book, All the Tides of Fate continues to follow the life of Amora as she fights against new, destructive kinds of magic in her kingdom.

Curly Fry


You like your fries how you like your books, filled with twists and turns. You treat your favorite books like puzzles, where you can decipher clues and hints of foreshadowing while you try to put together the pieces and guess the ending. Thrillers and mysteries are definitely your favorite kinds of books.

Sherry Thomas’ seven-book series titled Lady Sherlock follows the journey of Charlotte Holmes, a young, bright woman living in upper-class London society. Charlotte’s family members become social pariahs after they are falsely accused of committing the murders that have been plaguing the city. Under the guise of “Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective,” Charlotte investigates the murder cases to find the real culprit and clear her family’s name. The series follows Charlotte’s adventures as she continues to solve mysteries with the help of Mrs. Watson.

Sweet Potato Fry


With an imagination as big as yours, fantasy books are always a good choice. You can easily escape into fantastical, magical worlds just by reading. Someone like you who thinks outside of the box likes a fry that strays away from tradition and is made with a completely different kind of potato, so, naturally, you are a fan of sweet potato fries.

Shelby Mahurin’s best-selling fantasy trilogy beginning with Serpent & Dove, debuted in 2019 and was followed by the releases of Blood & Honey and Gods & Monsters. The story opens with Louise le Blanc, a witch who fled her coven and now lives in the city of Cesarine. Lou has stopped using magic in an attempt to hide her identity and avoid the persecution and punishments that witches face. Against her best wishes, Lou finds herself in quite the predicament when she is joined through the union of matrimony to Reid, who is sworn to the church. Lou struggles with a major internal dilemma. She must find a way to come to terms with her new marriage and how it clashes with her true identity. Mahurin’s three-book series offers romance and exciting adventures that any fantasy fan would love. 

Waffle Fry


You respect the duality of a waffle fry as it combines the idea of a waffle and a fry and makes something delicious and fun. Similarly, you love a good balance between fiction and truth. You can appreciate a good story whether it’s fictitious or fact, and you find that historical fiction is a perfect mix for you.

Set during the American Civil War, Alyssa Cole’s historical fiction series Loyal League is packed with action and adventure in its telling of the hidden history of Black spies working to take down the Confederacy.  The first book of the series, An Extraordinary Union, introduces Elle Burns, a spy working for the Union Army, who surrenders her freedom for slavery in the South in order to get more information about the Confederacy’s plans. Elle joins forces with Malcolm McCall, a detective working undercover in a Rebel enclave in Virginia. When they both begin to uncover a plot by the Confederate Army that could change everything, Elle and Malcolm find themselves untangling webs of lies and wartime deception as well as new romantic feelings.

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