Flowers and Fiction: Build Your Own Fiction Novel Bouquet!

What are your favorite fiction novel? Go get your favorite books, it is time to make a bouquet!

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Arranging flowers has been a practice for centuries. But the vast options of beautiful florals can stump the novice arranger. That is why it is always fun to try out a theme. For this bouquet theme, we are going to create a flower arrangement from our favorite fiction novels!

Focal flower

First, this is the flower that is the center of your piece. It is big, bright, and attention-grabbing. For this, we are going to choose the focal flower based on the main theme of your book. If you have two themes, choose two flowers!

  • Fantasy – Sunflower – Happiness, Loyalty, Devotion
  • Science fiction – Calla lily – New beginnings, Rebirth
  • Horror/thriller – Chrysanthemum – Death, Permanence, Longevity
  • Mystery – Carnation – Fascination, Curiosity, Devotion
  • Romance – Red Rose – Romance, Love, Beauty

Secondary flower

Next, these are flowers that surround the focal flowers and accentuate them. To decide your secondary flowers, we are going to look at the main conflict in the book. This may go back to high school education for many of you, so feel free to do a quick search if you are unsure.

  • Character vs. Character – Petunia – Resentment, Anger, Disagreement
  • Character vs. Nature – Lavender – Silence, Calmness, Serenity
  • Character vs. Technology – Marigold – Power, Strength, Internal Light
  • Character vs, Supernatural – Poppy – Remembrance, Death, Eternal Sleep
  • Character vs. Society – Anemone – Loneliness, Loss, Forsaken
  • Character vs. Self – Daffodil – Resilience, New Beginnings, Rebirth
  • Character vs. Fate – Aster – Wisdom, Faith, Valor

Filler flowers

Then, filler flowers, as the name suggests, fill in the gaps between the other petals. For this, we are going to use the characteristics of the main protagonist to pick three separate filler flowers for the bouquet.

  • Under 18 – Baby Breath – Purity, Youth, Innocence
  • Over 18 – Feverfew – Light of mind, Treatment of headaches
  • Masculine – Delphinium – Protection, Goodwill, Courage
  • Feminine – Stock – Sweetness, Beauty, Long Life
  • Genderqueer – Poms – Truth, Multiple, Optimism
  • Happy disposition – Gerbera daisies – Childish, Purity, Joy
  • Angry disposition – Snapdragon – Strength, Harsh, Passion
  • Sad/serious disposition – Statice – Memory, Sympathy, Missing Someone


Almost done! Now, foliage is the leaves that surround all of your flowers as a backdrop. For foliage, we are going to use the time period the novel is set in.

  • Contemporary (Near past or present) – Myrtle – Good Luck, Prosperity, Peace
  • Modern (A.D. 1750-A.D. 1990) – Leather fern – Resilience, Family, New Beginnings
  • Early modern (A.D. 1450-A.D. 1750) – Lemon leaf – Purity, Love, Friendship
  • Middle ages (A.D. 476-A.D. 1450) – Tree fern – Strength, Confidence, Growth
  • Classical (600 B.C.-A.D. 476) – Ivy – Fidelity, Eternal Life, Affection
  • Prehistory (up to 600 BC) – Eucalyptus – Division of Heaven and Earth, Purity
  • Near future (around A.D. 2040) – Dusty miller – Industriousness, Ashen, Joy
  • Future (2100+) – Honey bracelet – Sweet, Healing, Immortality


Finally, we wrap it all up in a bow. To choose the color of your bow, we are going to use the social setting of the book.

  • For rural, choose green or yellow.
  • For suburban, choose orange or blue.
  • For urban, choose red or purple.
  • For extraterrestrial/apocalyptic, choose black or white.
  • For supernatural, choose gold or silver.

Put it all together

Now, make your bouquet however you want! I like to design mine first on a computer for a concept. So, I decided to do Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol. I used sunflowers, daffodil, baby breath, stock, snapdragon, and leather fern. Then, I wrapped it with a yellow bow! Look how beautiful it looks!

How did your bouquet turn out? What novel did you use?

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