‘Ms Marvel’ Episode 6: ‘No Normal’ Review – Season Finale

“But you sure are, and always have been, our own little Ms. Marvel.” The time has come for the season finale of Ms Marvel and it is a GAMECHANGER.

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Ms Marvel is now a mutant. Yes, you heard that right. Kamala’s Inhuman comic book origins have been changed to her becoming arguably the first mutant in the MCU. Arguably, because Professor X appeared in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness on Earth-838.

The last episode of Ms Marvel started off with a bang. Kamala tried telling her family that she now has powers, but thanks to the Khan gossip train, her father, brother, and sister-in-law already knew. Then Nakia contacts Kamala and tells her that Bruno isn’t picking up any calls and his home exploded.


Kamala gets her superhero costume from her mother and races to the rescue! Bruno and Kamran are running from the Department of Damage Control. Kamran is their target, seeing as he has the same powers as Kamala. The mosque-goers try to help them, and Bruno and Kamran manage to escape. Kamala eventually finds them. Yay, Team Kamala-Bruno-Kamran!

The group escapes to the high school and are joined by Nakia (one of Kamala’s best friends), Aamir (Kamala’s older brother), and Zoe (the influencer and sort-of, not-really ‘mean girl’ who Kamala saved in the first episode of the series). Using non-lethal defensive tactics, the six friends manage to prevent the DoDC from capturing Kamran.

Despite their best efforts, Bruno, Nakia, Aamir, and Zoe are captured by the DoDC, and Kamran learns that his mother, Najma, is dead. Angry and hurt, Kamran attacks the DoDC, although seeing as they shoot first, it is arguably in self-defense.


Kamala protects all the people who have come to the high school and also manages to talk Kamran down. The latter manages to escape with Kamala’s help. She arranges for him to go to Karachi, where he eventually meets up with Kareem, the Red Dagger from the previous episode who protected Kamala.

The DoDC leave, with the public protecting Kamala, seeing as she saved all their lives from a car that went flying thanks to her and Kamran’s powers. Everyone is Team Kamala Khan!


One week after the final battle at the high school, Kamala’s father tells Kamala that her name means ‘Marvel.’ Kamala has finally figured out her superhero name! Ms Marvel! In a discussion with Bruno, Kamala also discovers that her genes have ‘mutated,’ indicating that she is a mutant in the MCU and no longer has her Inhuman comic book origins. GRRR. The Inhumans in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are amazing!

In the post-credit scene for the show’s final episode, Kamala flops down on her bed, only for her bangle to start glowing. She stumbles into the closet and re-emerges as…CAPTAIN MARVEL PORTRAYED BY BRIE LARSON. The show also says, “Ms Marvel will return in The Marvels,” the sequel to the Captain Marvel film. Talk about a cliffhanger!


That was definitely a shocking season finale, full of twists and turns! I’m still rooting for Team Kamala-Bruno and for Kamala to be an Inhuman, but I think I’m only getting one of those wishes….

Until The Marvels drops next year, we likely won’t see Kamala again, but until then, check out our articles about the upcoming Marvel Studios’ Disney Plus series, She-Hulk, and stay tuned for more MCU updates here!