‘Ms Marvel’ Episode 5: ‘Time and Again’ Review

It was Kamala all along! (WandaVision fans will get that reference). In this episode, Kamala learns the truth about her family lineage and confronts some of her worst enemies.

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Episode 5 of Ms Marvel takes us into the past, to the time of the Partition when Aisha disappeared; Sana (Kamala’s grandmother) got separated from her father (Hasan), and was led back to him by a trail of purple stars. The answer was a time loop!

After all this time, it was Kamala who somehow got transported back in time via Aisha’s magic and created the stars that led Sana to her father. It’s some sort of Terminator time-travel in a loop!


The episode starts in the past when Aisha meets her husband-to-be, Hasan. They get married and have a daughter in India. However, their happily-ever-after is ruined by the British and by the appearance of Najma – yes, the same ageless Najma who is Kamran’s mother. Aisha, Hasan, and Sana flee from the British and the Clan Destines, only to get separated on the train tracks.

This is where Kamala was transported at the end of the previous episode, and she soon finds Aisha on the platform, fatally wounded, thanks to Najma. Kamala tries to save her, to no avail. She subsequently finds Sana and creates purple crystal steps for Sana to find her father, only for one to shatter and become the purple stars that led her grandmother (Sana) back to her great-grandfather (Hasan).


It was Kamala all along!

Fans heard the story of Sana being led to her father by purple stars in the second episode, but its importance and her true savior are only revealed now.

Once Sana and Hasan are on the train, Kamala is transported back into the present. It is as though no time has passed; Kamala, Kareem (the Red Dagger ally), Najma (Kamran’s evil mother), and another Clan Destine are still in the marketplace after their fight in the previous episode. However, there is now a rift between the dimensions created by Kamala’s bangle.

The Clan Destines think they are finally able to return home, but the force from the opening is too strong, and it disintegrates them. Kamala and Kareem evacuate everyone but Najma, who is insistent that she is powerful enough to survive. Kamala reminds her of her son, Kamran, but Najma knows she’s lost him; she left him behind to be captured by the Department of Damage Control.


Najma sacrifices herself to close the rift, but the effort and the power destroys her. Something happens when she does so, and all the way back in New Jersey, Kamran feels the Noor power rippling through him, awakening his latent powers that are similar to Kamala’s, only green.

Kamala’s mother and grandmother show up, and they realize that Kamala is the “Light Girl.” Both of them accept Kamala for who she is, and Kamala bids farewell to Kareem, who gives her his scarf as a keepsake. Back at home, Kamala’s mother admits that she never wanted to lose Kamala, and that is why she is sometimes a little controlling.


Meanwhile, back in the United States, Kamran goes to Bruno, knowing that he needs help. Bruno is still slightly wary of Kamran, especially since he knows Kamran also has feelings for Kamala. However, he still accepts Kamran into his home and gives him a bed for the night.

Kamran is confident that his mother will come for him, despite her being dead. As he and Bruno talk, Kamran realizes that the Department of Damage Control followed him to Bruno’s place and tells Bruno they need to flee. He fires at the drone with his new powers, startling Bruno, who hadn’t realized that Kamran has powers as well. However, before they can flee, one of the DoDC drones blows up Circle Q below them, ending the episode on another cliffhanger.


With only one episode left in the series, there are so many potential ways the series can end. It appears that whatever feelings Kamala and Kamran have for each other will undoubtedly disappear once Kamran discovers that Kamala couldn’t stop his mother from dying. Perhaps the final battle of the season will be between Kamala and Kamran, seeing as they now have the same powers. It’s likely that Kamran will blame Kamala for his mother’s death. Despite Najma abandoning Kamran at the Department of Damage Control, he still loves his mother, as shown by his insistence that she would find him at Bruno’s.

The final episode will air on July 13, and after that, we can look forward to having Kamala / Ms Marvel appearing again in The Marvels, the sequel to Captain Marvel! Until then, catch up on all our reviews of episodes 1, 2, 3, and 4 and read about Marvel Studios’ next Disney Plus series, She-Hulk!