My Top 7 Favorite Heartwarming Fictional Couples

I’ve compiled a list of all my favorite fictional book couples! Come read the reasons behind each choice and see if you agree!

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A book on the beach with a heart made out of its pages covered by pictures of Rose and Dimitri, Annabeth and Percy, and Geralt and Yennefer.

We all have those couples that absolutely melt our hearts. Whether it’s their dynamic or how they met, there are reasons why we’re drawn to them. Maybe we have an OTP, or maybe we have so many favorite couples that we just can’t choose. I, personally, have so many I can’t decide, but I’ve compiled a list of seven (though there are many more) of my favorite fictional couples and why I love them so much. Come see if you agree with any of my choices!

SPOILERS AHEAD: read on with caution if you haven’t yet read these books.

1. Geralt and Yennefer

The Witcher

Geralt and Yennefer are one of my favorite couples out there. Their dynamic and desire to protect one another makes me so happy (and jealous). I have a deep fondness for the way they throw jokes back and forth at one another. Another thing that I admire and love about the two of them is the way they keep coming back to one another.

Geralt and Yennefer holding each other in the TV show The Witcher.

Their romance spans decades, and though they have a rocky one, they end up coming back to each other no matter what. This just shows you how destined they are to be together, and I love it so much. They’re perfect for each other, and their relationship is adorable.

2. Elizabeth and Darcy

Pride and Prejudice

These two are definitely one of my favorites. Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book out there, and this couple is why. Though they start out rough, Elizabeth, who hates Darcy for the majority of the book, later realizes how prejudiced she’s been against him. In a world of misunderstanding, these two defy the odds and come together.

Darcy kissing Elizabeth from the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice.

Similar to Geralt and Yennefer, these two have such a fun dynamic. Darcy not only proposes to Elizabeth once but twice. The first proposal she rejects, but the second, she happily accepts after she realizes she truly loves him and that he’s sacrificed so much for her. It’s a slow burn romance that takes almost the entire book, but it is worth it, for these two are made for each other.

3. Percy and Annabeth

Percy Jackson

These two are probably the cutest on this entire list. Their dynamic and relationship take the cake. Annabeth is constantly making fun of Percy in a heartwarming way, and I am here for it. Not only that, but they have the most endearing nicknames for each other: Wise Girl and Seaweed Brain. Who couldn’t love that?

Percy Jackson carrying Annabeth in Tartarus from the House of Hades book cover.

Additionally, they love each other so fiercely that the readers can feel it. They sacrifice so much and almost die on multiple occasions trying to protect one another. Percy, at some point (spoiler), even willingly jumps into Tartarus just so Annabeth won’t be alone. How could you not love these two? They’re a popular bookish couple, and it’s not hard to see why.

4. Juliette and Warner

Shatter Me

When I first read Shatter Me, I hated Warner. I couldn’t stand him, and I thought he was a monster. However, when I read the second book, Unravel Me, I slowly began to fall in love with him. By the third book, he became my number one book boyfriend and still currently is. He protects Juliette with a fierceness and a love that has managed to defy several odds and situations. Juliette does the same for him. While Warner can be off-putting and is an acquired taste, Juliette manages to break down his walls and warm his heart.

Shatter Me series covers in order, all with eyes in various shapes and forms.

These two also have an interesting dynamic. Juliette — before she realizes she loves Warner and that she’s misunderstood him over the course of two books — shoots him in the arm. Warner, however, continues to love her and protect her. (SPOILERS) It’s later revealed in further books that they’ve known each other for several years and have had their memories wiped multiple times. The reason why their memories were repeatedly wiped is because they kept falling in love with each other every single time (link to the heart-melting quote here). How is that not the cutest thing you’ve ever read?

5. Rose and Dimitri

Vampire Academy

These two are a badass couple. Rose and Dimitri start off with a teacher-student relationship, but after a love charm is used on them (which only intensifies affection and doesn’t create it out of nowhere), they realize they have feelings for each other, though it’s taboo. Dimitri is her teacher, seven years her senior, and dhampirs (half-vampires) aren’t supposed to have relationships with each other. Despite this, they end up falling in love in later books, and eventually end up getting married.

Rose and Dimitri in training clothes while embracing each other from the TV show Vampire Academy.

Dimitri is the calm, and Rose is the storm. Dimitri always has a level-headed idea to Rose’s wild one, and he’s usually the only one who can talk her down off the ledge of doing something insanely stupid. They make fun of each other all the time, and they’re constantly trying to catch each other off-guard. Not only are their interactions and love so precious, they are willing to sacrifice everything for one another. Rose, at some point, even sets out to kill Dimitri after he turns into a strigoi (an evil vampire that kills) because they had made a promise to each other to do so. She fails, but that’s irrelevant to their undying love, which continues even through Dimitri’s transformation into a strigoi. These two are the definition of meant-to-be.

6. Jace and Clary

The Mortal Instruments

Jace and Clary are just simply adorable. They have a cute dynamic, always making fun of each other. However, they’re one of the book couples that have probably survived more than most. Their relationship defies all the odds they are put up against, and they come out on top. In the first book, their relationship is simple, but in the second book, it takes a turn for the weird when it’s believed they are actually siblings.

Jace and Clary embracing each other in Paris from the TV show Shadowhunters based on The Mortal Instruments.

(SPOILERS) At first, Jace and Clary try to avoid each other, but then they realize they can’t, and they kiss multiple times while still under the impression that they’re related (endearing but a bit gross). It’s later revealed that they aren’t actually related (which doesn’t make the situation any better), and they resume their relationship and overcome several other problems, like Jace dying, and Clary being kidnapped by her brother. Regardless, the two survive and protect each other with a love that is incredibly strong. This couple is the most admirable, and for that reason, they’re one of my favorites.

7. Aiden and Alex

Covenant Series

Similar to Rose and Dimitri, Aiden and Alex start off in a teacher-student relationship. Aiden trains Alex, and their love is also forbidden. However, of course, they fall in love anyway. They also have a similar dynamic to Dimitri and Rose, with Alex acting before she thinks and Aiden being the voice of reason. If Alex is going to do something stupid, Aiden is there to talk her out of it, except when it’s their only plan, and he only follows along to protect her.

The Covenant Series book covers in order, with varying flowers.

Aiden, throughout the series, is constantly protecting Alex from every threat he can. He loves her so passionately that he holds on to her even when she loses her mind and everyone else thinks she is a lost cause. The fact that he protects her and loves her even when she doesn’t know how to love herself is simply just beautiful. They’re also hilarious and constantly cracking jokes with one another that makes me laugh. They’re just adorable together.

These were some of my top fictional couples. I had a few honorary mentions, like Magnus and Alec (The Mortal Instruments), Will/Jem and Tessa (The Infernal Devices), and Ridge and Sydney (Maybe Someday), but these seven ultimately came out on top. Did you agree with any of my choices?

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