‘My Little Bookstore’ Webtoon: A Writer Pursues Her Dreams

‘My Little Bookstore’ is a slow burn romance on Webtoon with a love triangle. Check out more on this stellar pick here.

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If you are a bookstore lover, then this Webtoon romance is a great recommendation. Created by MINKI, and updated every Thursday, My Little Bookstore brings a possible romance triangle as a struggling writer pursues her dreams.

My Little Bookstore: Plot


Was there a dream you ever gave up on? Did you lose hope and face reality? Fresh out of university, Jua starts freelancing for a tv show as a newbie writer. After her first show gets canned, she finds this bookstore whose owner wears a bear head. She is reminded of her writing aspirations of long ago. Will Jua try to pursue her dream, or is it too unrealistic now?



Jua was always a bookworm growing up. She was a continuous supporter of the local bookstore called Punglim Bookstore. Jua would buy books and think of ideas to help the owner keep the business afloat. But soon, it closed down. Her dream was to become an author, but it was squashed instantly. Now she works for a TV production company, as a newbie writer, helping with their new show segments. But the project lost ratings and closed down. When a new TV show was brought up with a celebrity from a popular K-Pop group, there was some new cash flow. Amid this new change, her past bookstore is now back, with a different owner and a different name. The only thing is, the store owner wears a giant bear mask. 

Sian Lee


Sian is one of the members of a popular K-Pop group. They have been doing well so far, but now their popularity has gone scarce. Determined to be given a chance by the music company, he sets off doing solo work to gain income and present a new single on behalf of the entire group. The grueling hours are too much, and he’s overwhelmed. Sian’s life is catered to but constricted. Then he meets newbie writer Jua who says she’s a fan but is awkward around him. He can’t help but be drawn to her kindness and encouragement on set. But when his staff suspects a possible scandal, he denies anything of the sort and claims they are just friends. But is this strictly just the friendship he’s feeling?

Binu Nam


Binu was a very popular celebrity with ad campaigns and thousands of fans. But it all came crashing down with a scandal, an ex-girlfriend, and drugs. Ever since then, he’s been hiding and laying low away from the media. He decided to open a bookstore, a place for solace and reading for writers to come. However, he hasn’t gotten any customers and fears going out of business before things get up and running. When a young woman enters the shop, his first regular customer suddenly appears. At first, she seems like a handful with her commentary. But her selflessness and ideas to keep the shop running have moved him.

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