10 Cute Cat Manga That Will Make You Want To Adopt

Thinking about adopting a cat? Check out these adorable cat manga comics that are sure to convince you to get a new furry friend!

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If you are on the fence about adopting a cat, here are some charming manga that may convince you. From stories of heartwarming friendships to just goofy feline antics, there are a lot of different stories for everyone. Even if you are not a cat purr-son maybe these reads could warm your heart towards them. Careful, some of the content ahead may be overwhelmingly sweet and wholesome; you have been warned!

1. Wonder Cat Kyuu-chan


First on the list is this precious slice-of-life manga that follows the human, Hinata, as he adopts an extraordinary cat named Kyuu-chan. As they get used to living together, they learn a lot about themselves and each other. This bow-tie-loving and cuddly, mischievous cat and his ordinary human quickly become best friends. The short, simple graphic novels are easy to read for any level reader. It also has a pastel color palette that gives the simple art style of the comic a cutesy aesthetic.

2. A Man and His Cat


This wholesome manga is about a cat named Fukumaru, who never thought he was going to be adopted because of his appearance. He was shocked when a kind older man decided to take him home. The man lost his wife and decided to adopt a cat without ever taking care of a pet before. As “Papa,” what Fukumaru calls the old man, learns to be a pet owner, Fukumaru learns how to be loved and give it. These two lonely souls seek comfort in one another after so long living in despair. Super short and sweet read. Definitely recommended as a great found family story with a humorous punch.

3. Chi’s Sweet Adventures


A funny and adventurous story from the cat’s perspective, Chi! This energetic and playful kitty lives with the loving Yamada family. Yes, this is a continuation of Chi’s Sweet Home. This series is full-color and full of kitty tales, or should I say tails, for all ages. An engaging and endearing story from the kitten’s perspective as Chi runs amok with kitty antics, disrupting this small family in such a charming way.

4. The Evil Society of Cats


Another cute, comedic series. Evil cats that want to rule the world! They plot diabolical plans against humanity. These cute and cuddly cats, however, are petted more than feared. Humans have no hope against these maniacal felines as their evil plans unfold. From brainwashing with their cuteness to stopping humans from productivity by sitting on laptops, there is nothing they can not do to take their rightful place as the true rulers! So bow down to the new master’s humans and open another can of delicious wet cat food.

5. Ex-Yakuza and Stray Kitten


Sabu is a kitten that was abandoned in the cold rain and rescued by Jin, this scarred and scary-looking ex-Yakuza member. Behind his terrifying exterior is a soft, gentle person who pampers kittens in love and affection. We love a man who can do both! So don’t judge a book by its cover, and pick this up as your next TBR. The only thing scary here is how adorable this manga is!

6. Cat Massage Therapy


A worn-out businessman named Nekoyama checks out a therapeutic massage parlor to find out it is run by all cats! Despite his original skepticism, who would have thought that soft-toe beans could hit the spot so well? These professional cats know what they are doing! Nekoyama definitely thinks so, as he keeps going back for more. So if you want a warm and cuddly read, curl up with this one. It is time to unwind and rest, doctors’ orders!

7. Yokai Cats


Yokai Cats is filled with wacky and weird supernatural cats. With all their different and strange abilities, they cause mischief like cats do, but with a little spooky twist. There is a different cat based on different Japanese yokai but a ridiculously cute and funny spin on spooky and weird tales. But do not let that scare you away! Learn a bit of Japanese culture with these newspaper-style short comics.

8. My Sister, the Cat


Family is hard to deal with sometimes, especially when trying to get along with your siblings. What would you do if you had a cat for a sister? Nekota and his little sister Neneko may be different species, but that does not get in the way of their sibling bond. Nekota is a human adopted into a family of cats. He may be a bit different, but that does not mean they love him any less. So, jump into this universe where the roles are in reverse, and cats can adopt humans.

9. I’m the Catlords’ Manservant


Yukiharu Izumi just wants to be a normal high school student but, unfortunately, is homeless and dirt-poor and finds himself at the mercy of shape-shifting cats. In exchange for serving hand and foot, or paw, the Catlords provide shelter and more to the teenager. If serving one person is hard, imagine a whole gang of cats! Hopefully, Izumi can balance his school life and his odd job as a servant.

10. My Roommate is a Cat


Subaru Mikazuki is a mystery author, not much of a people person, and prefers seclusion. He takes in a stray cat one day. As he struggles with his writing, he finds inspiration from the cat’s weird behavior. This story is told from the perspectives of both the writer and the cat. While the cat feels like it is his responsibility to care for this strange man, they build a special bond.

So read these paw-some books, meow or never! And purr-haps enjoy them with a new furry friend.

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