‘Going Up’ Brings the Fashion World & Romance

‘Going Up’ brings fashion, romance, and career stardom to a young woman with her dreams becoming a reality.

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Everyone has felt the desire to pursue a lifelong dream. Maybe you are planning yours right now. Need a little motivational story about finding career opportunities in high places? Going Up is about a young woman finally getting her chance to contribute to the fashion world. This Webtoon was created by Melissa Bailey and updates every Wednesday.

Going Up: Plot

a woman and a man with a dog

Cecilia ‘aka’ CeCe walks dogs for a living, but she dreams of joining the fashion world with unique designs and her couture line. Unexpectedly a miracle happens in the form of a lost dog. Now, she has an opportunity to reach her goal, or will a new passion spark?

Meet the Characters


a woman in a purple dress with a black beret.

She is a preppy and go-getter fashionista. She learned sewing from her mom and has honed her craft. However, with bills to pay it seems like a pipe dream, but she doesn’t give up. She walks dogs for a living and does what she can to create her ideal couture. When she spots a missing dog without an owner she puts one of her fashion-made leashes on it and searches for the owner. Little did she know the cute guy she meets will be the guide to a networking opportunity.


a man with thick eyebrows in a blue suit

He is working for his dad’s company and is sick of it. There is more to life that he can discover and do. With his sister being a very famous model and celebrity of sorts, it’s hard to trust people. When he accidentally loses Isabella’s dog, Serafina, he goes on a chase with flyers and a promising reward. At first, he thinks Cecilia knew about the money and was dog napping, but soon he realizes she isn’t a materialist and wants to pursue a career in fashion. Can he make amends and kindle a friendship?


a young woman holding a phone with jeweler on her wrist and ears and a yellow dress

Her goal is to get her new animal charity foundation up and running. She adores her dog, Serafina, so much and gets anxious when she’s away, but she can rely on her assistant Hugo and her brother Nico to take care of her. When she comes back home she didn’t expect to find a brand-new collar for her pet. Determined, she wants to know the designer who created such a piece and wants to have her create a clothing line for her and her dog.


a man with wavy short hair holding a yellow umbrella in a grey suit

He is Isabella’s overworked assistant and is all things fashion while also being with Isabella 24/7. He can navigate and find any designer in the world, but is stumped when he couldn’t figure out the fashionable collar on Serafina. However, he soon has to venture and discover this new artist in the making. He cares about Isabella and will go beyond the call of duty to help her with her dreams.

Enjoy this little cute motivational fashion story. For more Webtoon recommendation go to Bookstr.