5 Books Exploring The Concept of Language

Explore the concept of language through these five books. The research and study of linguistics and the culture may fascinate you.

Non-Fiction Recommendations
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The art of language and linguistics is a vast way of communicating. Other languages and even invented languages for books become a staple progressing storytelling. If you want to further your exploration and understand linguisitcs, the concept of language, and the study of languages, check out these five books.

1. I Never Thought of It That Way – Monica Guzman

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The author is a journalist who searches for the reasons behind the lack of communication within our nation. It discusses constant divide, ignorance, avoidance, and attacks on one another. The reason behind it is the lack of our own curiosity. Learning from those who have different opinions or are opposed to your beliefs can be a helpful insight and guide. How we navigate the world is through communicating with each other, this concept can help our society grow strong and have a better understanding of our world.

2. The Art of Language Invention – David J. Peterson

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This creative guide explores the construction of language through sci-fi and fantasy writers and creators of the language. It covers the history of Tolkein’s creation and Klingon. The invention and evolution of language are being exposed. The author lifts the curtain on how they built languages from Game of Thrones to Thor: The Dark World.

3. In the Land of Invented Languages – Arika Okrent

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This book goes on a historical journey of man’s quest to build a better language. With charming eccentrics and research, not many have heard of Babm Blissymbolics and 900 hundred languages invented through hard work. If you are a word freak, or a grammar and language lover, you’ll find this book insightful.

4. Through the Language Glass – Guy Deutscher

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Linguistics has shied away from the connection between language and the culture of its speakers. Can culture influence language? Can different languages lead to different points of view? According to Deutscher, yes, it does make a huge difference, and not in trivial matters. Explore more as he persuades his case about this connection.

5. Speak Not – James Griffiths

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Linguistic diversity is slowly dwindling. The science behind how languages are acquired is advancing. Yet, minority languages aren’t getting the spotlight, unlike the hegemonic ‘super tongues’ we all speak today. This book is about preserving forgotten languages that still exist. Such as Wales, Hawaii, Indigenous American Nations, Southern China, and Hong Kong. This is the time to learn and study these languages.

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