Musician Paul Simon Honored With Terrific Literary Award

Paul Simon is soon to receive PEN America’s PEN/Audible Literary Service Award for his talented lyricism.

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Paul Simon, a popular musician, has received many honors within his industry. Now, he is about to receive a new award that stretches into the literary world as well. PEN America’s PEN/Audible Literary Service Award, previously given to other figures like President Barack Obama, was awarded to him this year. Here’s what made Simon such a good candidate for the award.

What is PEN America’s Audible Literary Service Award?

PEN America has a large array of literary awards, recognizing authors across genres to support talented voices in the literature world. One of the most revered awards they offer is PEN America’s PEN/Audible Literary Service Award. This award recognizes an artist who’s drawn a wide audience and greatly impacted the culture or community.

Paul Simon has inspired fans worldwide with lyrics and songs that entire generations know by heart and can recognize from the very first notes.

Songwriting Legend Paul Simon to be Honored at PEN America’s Spring Literary Gala in New York City, PEN America

Awards like this don’t necessarily have to be awarded to authors and can encompass a large number of creatives who’ve made an impact that spans outside of their industry. In this case, Paul Simon, whose music has reached a large audience and created a big impact on the world. The award has been given to many creatives who’ve had influences in and outside the literary sphere.

Who is Paul Simon?

Paul Simon is a talented musician who’s released a large number of impactful songs, known especially for his work with Art Garfunkel. He’s received 12 Grammys throughout his career and is a member of The Songwriters Hall of Fame. While he’s had many popular songs, his albums Bridge Over Troubled Water, Still Crazy After All These Years, and Graceland all were nominated as Album of the Year.

Paul Simon's Graceland album cover man on a horse.

Even for those who haven’t listened to all of his songs, most people know a few of his most popular hits from the radio. His music’s vast popularity and talented lyricism earned him many awards, the latest being PEN America’s PEN/Audible Literary Service Award.

When Does He Receive PEN America’s Audible Literary Service Award?

PEN America announced that Simon would receive the award in a press release on March 7th, 2024. PEN America has an annual gala, this year held on May 16th, when Simon will receive the award in Manhattan’s American Museum of Natural History. Simon has received a variety of awards for the success of his music, so it’s no surprise that PEN America also wishes to recognize his talent.

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