New Online Bookshop Launches Large Catalog and Profits for Authors

Read on for new details about a newly launched online bookshop, co-founded by RuPaul.

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Picture of Founders Eric Cervini and Adam Powell and RuPaul in the center, with the logo of Allstora on top.

With the exponential growth of, founders Eric Cervini and Adam Powell have partnered with RuPaul to transform the shop into Allsotra. There have been significant expansions in their catalog, having grown to 10 million books to choose from. Allostra also promises that authors will earn double their profits compared to other bookstores if customers buy from the new platform, which reflects their initial goals as

The Beginning

As a way to fight back against book bans and the removal of access to queer literature, was created to ensure that queer authors were getting promoted and compensated for their work. Initially, if customers purchased a book from, authors would get an extra 10% of the profits, aside from their current royalties.

Their catalog consisted solely of queer literature, and while they did not have a physical store, was able to share queer literature through pop-up stores across the US. Traveling while promoting the shop was huge, and they could do this by taking their Rainbow Book Bus for book tours.

Current Challenges

Despite its growth, some store followers have grown skeptical of the reveal of the Allstora. Some question how they will keep their promise of being able to pay authors double the profits. Currently, there is an Allstora Author Program where authors can sign up and tap into the profit-share model. However, there are speculations that Allstora may be using Ingram for fulfillment, in which case, has a set compensation rate, giving rise to more questions about how authors will get paid twice the amount they would get from other platforms.

On the other hand, some fans of are disappointed with how generalized the catalog has become. While the Allstora website points out that the catalog has been expanded with a focus on all marginalized voices, comments have pointed out that the catalog now holds books that do not align with what originally advocated for.

With its newly established Ru’s Book Club and large catalog, we’ll look forward to how Allstora grows, especially since ShopQueer. co-founders, Eric Cervini and Adam Powell are still working behind the scenes with this new platform.

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