Discover the Pastel Academia Style of Bookstagrammer of the Week, Jill!

On this week’s edition of our Bookstagrammer of the Week series, we’re excited to be introducing you to Jill at @booknerd_reads!

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As the trees begin to bud and the cold starts to lift, we’re excited to be introducing you to a Bookstagrammer whose feed seamlessly blends Bookstagram with Studygram, with a hint of pastels, while offering helpful tips in annotating and taking time for yourself.

A woman in a white shirt and pants lies on her bed on her stomach reading a book. She's wearing a white pair of headphones with a totebag full of books next to her.

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Thanks for joining us! Let’s start the interview!

Where Are You From?

I’m from Youngstown, Ohio!

Fun Fact About You?

I’m very proud that I have less than 100 books on my Goodreads To-Read shelf.

A flat lay of assorted books against a bedsheet. A pair of white headphones are on the right side with a bouquet of pink flowers to the left.

Favorite Bookstagrammers?

There’s just so many! But I highly recommend @estherfungreads, @ananascanread, @storiesforcoffee, @coolgalreading, and @keliterate.

Favorite Books and Authors?

My favorite authors are Emily Henry, R.F. Kuang, and Sally Rooney! My favorite books from them are Book Lovers, The Poppy War trilogy, and Normal People.

How Would You Describe Your Aesthetic?

I would describe my Instagram aesthetic as pastels and neutrals — a mix of soft girl and light academia styles if you will. 

Flatlay against a white bedsheet with three Jane Austen books to the center right, an Ipad in the top right, and a brown board in the center left. A tote bag with annotated books is to the center left.

Why Did You Start Your Bookstagram?

I was obsessed with reading in middle school (mostly, The Hunger Games and Divergent) and was already enmeshed in fandom culture on social media, so it just made sense to make a Bookstagram where I could talk about every book I love!

What’s Your Special Approach to Content?

I like to film/take pictures only when I’m feeling inspired! Passion is more motivating and fun — it keeps content creation from feeling like a chore. That’s really important for preventing burnout.

What Does Your Bookstagram Mean To You?

In some ways, my Bookstagram has become an extension of myself. I’ve made so many amazing friends, received professional opportunities, and have a reliable creative outlet. I’m so grateful for my community!

An open and annotated book is open towards the bottom of the image surrounded by pens and highlighters. A laptop lies to the left side and a tote bag of books sits in the center.

Favorite Bookstore?

My favorite bookstore is White Whale Books in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! I spent an embarrassingly long amount of time there while I was in college.

What Do You Want Your Instagram To Bring To The World?

I hope that people can come to my page to share their mutual love of books and recommend books to myself and others! I want this to be an interactive community.  

Advice For Aspiring Bookstagrammers?

If you want to start a Bookstagram, I recommend understanding what you wish to get from this community. I’ve been running this account for over nine years. I still love making content and sharing pieces of myself with the world. Even in my creative ruts or algorithmic woes, I always return to the platform I love.

Four open and annotated books take up the bottom of the image with an open laptop at the top. A white candle, white headphones, and a red notebook with highlighters rest to the right side.

Huge thank you to Jill for interviewing with us! If you want to experience the “soft girl and light academia style” for yourself, be sure to visit her Bookstagram!

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