Moms for Liberty Gather in Hundreds for Book Event

Moms for Liberty gather to support Kirk Cameron’s book reading when local library tries to cancel it.

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A “See you at the Library” event hosted by the Madison Chapter of the Moms for Liberty faced controversy when it was almost canceled. The event, which gathered almost 300 people, became a protest when Madison County Library tried to cancel the event. Here’s why the book reading became such a controversial event and how parents went in support of free speech.

What Was the Book Reading?

pride comes before the fall kirk cameron cover

The “See you at the Library” event involved Kirk Cameron and was one of his planned first appearances for his new book, Pride Comes Before the Fall. Cameron is a popular Christian children’s book author, and his beliefs align with the Moms for Liberty organization. So when they discovered he was coming for a reading, they turned up in large numbers. A reading that was supposed to be no more than 20 or so guests ended up with over 300 attendees.

Why Was Moms for Liberty Protesting?

When the Madison County Library discovered that over 300 people were attending they tried to cancel the event. According to the library, they did not have the space to host that many people. So they attempted to cancel the event last minute.

However, both Cameron and Moms for Liberty accused the library of doing so with the intent to censor them. Cameron’s firm sent a letter saying the organizers had to allow the event, or they would take the matter to court. Eventually, Madison County Library did decide to host the event again, with a few caveats.

How Did the Event Run?

The compromise, when Madison County Library agreed to run the event, was that the max number of attendees for the reading was 225 people due to the restrictions of the size of the library. Both the Madison Fire Marshall and the Madison Police Department managed the line as it gathered outside of the library. They reserved the right to vet who attended the event, prioritizing families since it was a children’s book reading.

While many lined up for the event, others also came to protest against Cameron and Moms for Liberty.

People at local libraries have received email threats of interruptions and drag queen protests and performances. That will be occurring at these libraries or right next to these libraries at the same time

Kirk Cameron

Cameron was expecting opposition at his events and more than prepared to go against it. His books are very faithful to conservative and Christian values. His devotion to what he believes and the way he presents that in his work has stirred frequent controversy. Regardless of his beliefs and the protests, the event ran well and maxed out attendance.

What’s Next for Kirk Cameron?

Cameron plans to continue his book tour and visit more libraries for his readings. The Madison County Library reading had great attendance. Many parents were glad to go in support of free speech and children’s books. So despite protests or maxing out library capacity, it seems that Cameron’s books are still doing quite well.

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