Miami Bookstore Closes a Year After Painful Political Controversy

An acclaimed bookstore and restaurant in North Miami closes amid controversy and business complications. Read on for details.

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Miami-based business Paradis Books and Bread is closing its cafe and wine bar after a series of unfortunate hardships. In addition to family matters and complications with their business model, the closing comes shortly after an ill-fated interaction with Gianno Caldwell, which gained national traction. Opening in 2021, Paradis Books and Bread released a statement on their website detailing the reasons behind their decision to shut down.

Reasons for Closure

Paradis Books and Bread was established to operate as a multifaceted destination where customers could exchange ideas and knowledge. A bookstore, winery, and restaurant, customers could do just that while widening their palates and walking away with a new read. However, the owners saw an unprecedented demand for food service and a low customer base for books and wine. This, coupled with personal family matters, meant the full scope of the original dream could not be obtained. Paradis struggled for security as both a leftist space and business in the political atmosphere of Florida.

An open book with a black ribbon book mark sits on a gray, wooden table in front of a blur ceramic mug with black coffee.

The Controversy

Further, Paradis was harshly criticized following an incident with Gianno Caldwell, a commentator on Fox News. Caldwell was asked to leave Paradis Books and Bread because the conversation Caldwell had with his friends, according to the owners, was dehumanizing toward women and contained opinions backed by eugenic ideology when speaking on Roe v. Wade. Followers of Fox News continuously harassed Paradis at the beginning of 2023, causing a temporary closure. This led the restaurant to privatize its Instagram account, install privacy screens on the gates outside the building, and ensure that no shifts were worked by a single person. This incident only worsened the overwhelming situation the restaurant was in.

In the statement released by Paradis Books and Bread, they thanked the customers who supported them through the challenges they have faced since the first time they opened. They urged their customers to continue connecting with and caring for one another. Paradis called on people to continue to ask questions, educate themselves, and instill love into their communities, a dream they tried to achieve with their space.

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