Most-anticipated Novels Coming Out In March 2024

Ready for March to come? Check out these new releases that everyone is waiting for, and you may find your TBR list longer!

New Release Recommendations

March is just around the corner, and with a new month comes new books! This year is filled with anticipated releases, and March is no exception. At least one of the books on this list is bound to make it on your TBR list. Get ready to get cozied up while potentially reading your favorite book(s) of 2024.

This Could Be Us by Kennedy Ryan

Releasing March 5, 2024

"This Could Be Us" book cover. An African-American woman looks over her shoulder at flowers blooming

This Could Be Us is another big reveal for book lovers alike. Soledad has the perfect life at first; with her daughters and the man of her dreams. Then betrayal strikes, and her man is with her no longer. Soledad has to keep herself together for her girls and try to get her emotions in check. When a forbidden man comes into her life, will she realize he is truly the man of her dreams and can lead her and her girls to a good life?

Swift and Saddled by Lyla Sage

Releasing March 5, 2024

"Swift and Saddled" cover; An illustration of a cowboy kissing a woman's temple on a ranch

The next book after the famous Done and Dusted is arriving! This next Western romance novel in the Rebel Blue Ranch series follows characters Ada and Weston, an unlikely duo. You see, Ada met Weston at a dive bar in her new town for her new job. They have a makeout session in the back and Ada can’t stop thinking about him. The catch is — Weston is actually her new boss! Ada wants nothing to do with him, while Weston is even happier about their new work relationship, and can’t stop thinking about her. Will Ada come to realize that their relationship can work out?

Murder Road by Simone St. James

Releasing March 5, 2024

"Murder Road" cover; a dark road surrounded by pine trees with car headlights coming towards

Murder Road is a new murder mystery that has readers waiting with anticipation for it to hit the shelves. Newlyweds April and Eddie offer a hitchhiker a ride while trying to find their perfect honeymoon resort town. When they realize the hitchhiker is injured while driving her, they hurrily get her to the nearest hospital; but she dies while admitted. With no explanation of her cause of death, April and Eddie are cornered by police being the last witnesses of her alive. Will the couple take the blame, or is there a killer on the loose?

Happily Never After by Lynn Painter

Releasing March 12, 2024

"Happily Never After" cover; an illustration of a man and woman objected with a bride and groom down the aisle

With Lynn Painter being a new fan favorite for many romance readers, there is no wonder why so many are excited for her next book. When a soon-to-be-wed Sophie has to hire a professional wedding objector in order to escape her own fiance, she finds out professional objector Max just may have the job of her dreams. He takes her on and they become an unstoppable duo, but do they realize that love truly exists with each other?

Rules for Rule Breaking by Talia Tucker

Releasing March 19, 2024

"Rules for Rule Breaking" cover; an illustration of a girl and boy giving each other snarky glanes

Who loves academic rivals? Rules for Rule Breaking takes place on a college campus putting a spotlight on enemies who knew each other since they were kids. These “family friends” are on a journey to make it out on top at college — or will they realize they can share their accomplishments together? This coming-of-age rom-com is the perfect fit for anyone who has a love of unexpected love, even if the characters secretly knew it all along.

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