Macmillan Announces New Adult Imprint to Launch Next Fall

New Adult fans everywhere, celebrate! Macmillan announced a imprint dedicated to our favorite crossover books!

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Older readers of YA have long been hoping for a niche just for them, which has been dubbed New Adult. These books are targeted towards readers from the ages of 18-30 and up, featuring characters and themes befitting this genre. Thankfully, Macmillan has just announced a New Adult imprint to launch next fall! Read on to learn more about this exciting development in publishing.

Counting Down to Saturday

Macmillan just announced their all-new New Adult Imprint to launch next fall at St. Martin’s Publishing Group. Named Saturday Books, this imprint will focus on New Adult fiction for readers aged 18-30 and up. The sibling to the already beloved Wednesday Books, the YA imprint of St. Martin’s, Saturday Books will bring 10-12 NA books to shelves per year. It will also be headed by the same passionate leadership team led by VPs Sara Goodman and Eileen Rothschild.

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Say Hello to New Adult

St. Martin’s has already published many YA books with crossover appeal — those appealing to readers under 18 and over. But Goodman and Rothschild have noticed a growing gap in the market for readers within this niche, telling Publishers Weekly that they “have noticed an ever-growing gap in the marketplace for books that speak to an audience who grew up reading all of the truly excellent YA that has come out over the last decade but who now want themes that address their adult lives a bit more.”

Make Space On Your Shelves

Saturday Books will publish “commercial and voice-driven fiction,” the publisher told PW. These reads will include fantasy, romance, speculative, and “genre-adjacent” fiction. They have already signed myriad authors, including some from Wednesday. These include beloved romance and fantasy authors Talia Hibbert, Isabel Ibañez, Rebecca Ross, and Adrienne Young. Fans of these wordsmiths can look forward to more stories from them with crossover appeal.

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Here at Bookstr, many of us are within the New Adult age range and are thus drawn to the few books published within this age category. Representation of all kinds is vital to have on shelves, and this is no different for readers entering adulthood. While YA may at times stray from darker or more nuanced themes, NA promises to resonate with the readers who need it most. Macmillan’s recent announcement has been subject to much celebration within the publishing and bookish communities, with readers and writers alike cheering at this ground-breaking development in the industry.

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