A24’s Exciting New Plan to Publish Physical Books

Up and coming movie studio A24 has just announced an exciting new project! Read on to learn about the new brick and mortar publishing deal.

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You’ve probably heard of A24. Have you seen the hit show Euphoria or the movie Midsommar? How about Lady Bird or Everything Everywhere All At Once? If your answer is yes, then you have definitely heard of them. The company has produced some incredible, award-winning films and television shows and has even evolved into books. Read on to learn more about A24’s books and their new groundbreaking deal with a physical publisher.

A24’s Rise to Mainstream Recognition

A24 has continuously produced films since 2013, but only recently rose to notoriety with the production of box office horror films like Hereditary, The Lighthouse, X, and Midsommar. These films scared the crap out of people while charming them with incredibly beautiful scenes and jaw-dropping performances.

Florence Pugh, playing the character of Dani in the film Midsommar, looks distressed while wearing by an outfit entirely made up of flowers.

A24’s horror movies made the company popular, but there are a massive number of films that most people probably don’t realize were produced by the studio. They’ve earned a reputation for producing “weird” films, but they actually started out making some relatively “normal” box-office hits. For example, they made popular early 2010s films such as The Spectacular Now, The Bling Ring, and Spring Breakers, as well as some mid-2010 hard hitters like Moonlight and Room (which killed me, seriously, watch Room).

A young man and woman dancing with their foreheads pressed together, in a prom-like setting.

To add to their enormous collection of films, A24 has recently been rising to the top of viewers’ interests with its new Oscar-nominated films The Whale, Past Lives, and Zone of Interest. The visual and emotional stunner Everything Everywhere All At Once catapulted A24 to Oscar recognition and gave them the exposure they needed to continue their big Oscar nomination streak.

Michelle Yeoh stands in the middle of the frame, looking confused and upset as a light distortion that looks like a cracked glass screen splits her face into three parts.

A24’s Entrance Into Book Publishing

Now A24 brings big news — they make books, too! They’ve produced beautiful bound screenplays of some of their most popular films, like Midsommar, Minari, and Ex Machina. They’ve also published books on SFX makeup, a history of movie promotional merch, and even a (rather strange) cookbook. Until recently, these books have only been available on A24’s website or other online booksellers. But A24 has finally inked a deal with a brick-and-mortar publisher to release their books in stores! So, be on the lookout for a bound paper copy of your favorite A24 movie, complete with pictures and behind-the-scenes looks.

An open book depicting a full size horizontal image of several people in a farm-like area wearing white.

This exclusive deal is super exciting for the book community; not only will it satisfy our desire for knowledge about everything related to our favorite movies, but it will hopefully give MACK the power to rise through the ranks as an up-and-coming publishing house. MACK has published hundreds of beautiful art and coffee table books, including Sofia Coppola’s Archive. I know I’m not the only one who wants to see this talented publisher gain the recognition it deserves.

An open book with an image on the left side of four girls posing in a bed, wearing floral dresses. The right side has an image of a script page, marked with pen notes and pink sticky notes.

Which film are you most excited to see as a screenplay? While they only have 11 of these special books out right now, I’m really hoping we see Talk to Me or I Saw the TV Glow in this form soon. Either way, be on the lookout for these gorgeous books and the brand-new insights they’ll provide into some of your favorite movies!

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