‘Love Me Knot’: Are Strings of Fate for Love Bogus?!

Do you believe in the string of fate romance trope? Do you think it’s bogus? Webtoon comic ‘Love Me Knot’ is a romance between those who have severed strings. Can they find love in each other and solve the mystery?

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Romance Webtoon Love Me Knot is about the string of fate. We all have heard that phrase used metaphorically, and in this case literally. Written and created by Sophia, this Webtoon comic updates every Wednesday. Do you beleive the string of fate is a bogus love trope or could have truth to it. Find out more!

Love Me Knot Plot


You’d think seeing the Red String of Fate would make finding your soulmate a lot easier. But Avery sees all the romance around her which ephasizes her unattached string. Is she destined to live a loveless life or can she tailor her own romance? By meeting new people who can also see their strings, can they tackle this mystery together and find their own love too?

Meet the Character and Their Peculiar Strings



Avery is a college student who majors in English. She can see her severed string. She is somewhat awkward when it comes to meeting new people. She is very close with her friends Olivia and Isaac. She feels lonely due to the severed strings and is somewhat envious of her older sister, brother, and basically everyone. When meeting Noah who dramatically professes some sort of interest in her, she feels shocked that she found another person just like her! Not to mention he is insanely shy and cute, but it’s still awkward.



Noah is such an adorable awkward potatoe. When he finally meets someone with a severed string like his, he beleives it’s fate. He proposes to this girl right then and there. It doesn’t even matter that he thought she was cute and wanted to talk to her in class. But her shocked and terrified expression leads them off on the wrong foot. But having the chance to explain himself and find out they can see the strings is helpful. He is extremely shy and can’t hold up much of a conversation, but he can’t help but have this crush on her. Is it because of the string or just because it’s Avery.



Hayden is Noah’s roommate at the college dorms. He is also a profound author of a well known book. Hayden is also aware of his severed string and can see others. However, that doesn’t stop him from dating and trying to find the one. He is somewhat emotionally closed off about certain things which may have lead to the breakups in the first place. He can even touch his string which is a plus, since Avery and Noah can’t touch their’s or anyones. Hayden is intrigued by the red string mystery. He also is intrigued by Avery who they share a connection and is a fan of his writing.



Olivia is Avery’s best friend. They dorm together in college. She cannot see her string of fate, but it’s connected to Isaac’s. She has had a major crush on him since they were younger. However, fate hasn’t brought them together. With her recent breakup with Hayden, she doesn’t know if she should go for it or let timing help them. She is a great friend to Avery and encourages her to speak her mind and figure out her string and wants her to find love and be happy. She pushes her to be herself and get out of her awkward talking funk.



He is Avery’s friend and has a long time crush on Olivia. He cannot see his string, but it’s connected to Olivia. He is afraid to ruin their friendship if they start to date. He cares deeply for Olivia and wants her to be happy, even if it’s not with her. He is roommating with soon to be Noah. Can he have the courage to make the first move or will he wait?



She is a fairly new character in the series. She is also aware of her severed string and meets Noah. She also mentions she used to date Hayden. She has met Avery by coincidence and they all want to solve the red string mystery together. However she is outgoing and wants to meet new people. Dahlia does take an interest in Noah and maybe even Avery.

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