Lavishly Jaw-Dropping: What Would a Queer Bridgerton Storyline Look Like?

There have been many wishes for about a LGBTQ+ storyline in regency-era romance show, Bridgerton. Read on to learn of fan theories about bringing this unique story to life.

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Dearest gentle readers, we gather here today to manifest a queer love story in the Bridgerton series into the universe. Although, it’s a wish that is not entirely impossible, as showrunner Jess Brownell, author Julia Quinn, and a number of actors on the show have announced their own hopeful expectations for a queer protagonist in a regency-era romance. But what would that story look like in the extremely successful period drama?

Love in Many Colors

LGBTQ+ romances do indeed already exist in this universe. Henry Granville, a secondary character in the books, is gay. In the Bridgerton spinoff, Queen Charlotte, watchers caught a glimpse of the forbidden romance that bloomed between a young Brimsley and Reynolds. In the main series, we see LGBTQ+ couples thriving in the alluring artistic world Benedict Bridgerton frequents. Although one might say that the show’s historically inaccurate acceptance of diversity can allow for openly queer couples, the basis of the plot relies on historically accurate gender roles, which is where fitting in a storyline going against the heteronormative expectations requires some nuance.

Let Us Have a Queer Bridgerton!

Fans speculate that a relationship between Eloise Bridgerton and Cressida Cowper could arise after seeing their newfound friendship in season three. Others suspect that Benedict, a fluid, carfree individual having already found a community to seek solace and knowledge, could also have his love story reimagined. Seeing as the seasons generally follow the events of the books written by esteemed author Julia Quinn, I see it possible that either of these siblings could have a queer relationship before they meet their true-to-book soulmate.

Humorously, statistically speaking, at least one of the Bridgerton siblings should be part of the LGBTQ+ community. There being eight of them, we have a long way to go before the series ends. Although a queer story may not be on our screens in the immediate future, there is still plenty of time to see one played out.

The Splendid Life of Side Characters

As for side characters, I would love to revisit Brimsley and Reynolds’ past in the main series. Seeing as Brimsley and Queen Charlotte’s relationship is strong, I would love to see them confide in each other. With Cressida Cowper’s seemingly redemption, it would be refreshing to see her find happiness and self-love in a relationship she’s proud of, even if it’s not with Eloise like fans are hoping for. Nonetheless, with Shonda Rhines’ extraordinary ability to write such lively, full characters, even a long-term queer romance story on the side is sure to be rich in love yet won’t alter the original stories too much.

The Importance of Mainstream Queer Rep

Bridgerton took the world by storm as millions of watchers have tuned into Netflix to devour the series. The impact of an authentic, fearless LGBTQ+ story would have a significant, revolutionary impact on society. First, there aren’t many queer characters dominating the period drama genre. Second, the unflinching, audacious sensuality and expression of sexuality in the show would help normalize queer intimacy in the greater audience, further bringing underrepresented voices and experiences to the big screen.

(On a less serious note, the soundtrack would go so hard. Can you imagine a classical rendition of Chappell Roan?)

As we prepare for the release of new seasons, fans are sure to be crossing their fingers for queer Bridgeton representation. With a number of actors themselves proudly being part of the community, the authentic, compassionate representation looming over the horizon is ever so highly anticipated.

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