Anticipated Adaptation for the Popular Game Yakuza Like a Dragon

The popular game series ‘Like a Dragon’ is getting a live-action adaptation. Read on to learn more.

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'Like a Dragon' poster with Kazuma Kiryu showing his dragon tattoo

The Japanese roleplay game (RPG) video game series Yakuza, also known as Like a Dragon overseas, was first released in 2005. It’s been a big hit ever since, with its most recent game, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth selling one million copies in a single week. Now, it’s getting a live-action adaptation that will release later this year called Like a Dragon: Yakuza. Read on to learn more.

Like a Dragon Video Game Plot

'Yakuza: Like a Dragon' video game cover showing four yakuza members with a dragon and other characters in the background.

The plot is different for each game, but all 23 games are crime dramas that are inspired by the yakuza, who are basically Japanese gangsters. There are different protagonists depending on the game — with the most common being Kazuma Kiryu, who is the lead in the adaptation — and players fight other gang members and punks, take side quests, play mini games, and so much more. The games take place in Kamurochō, which is a fictionalized version of the Shinjuku ward Kabukichō, where the adaptation takes place.

Adaptation Plot

'Like a Dragon: Yakuza' promotional poster showing Kazuma Kiryu with showing the dragon tattoo on his back.

The story is split between 1995 and 2005, and it follows Kazuma in both time periods. We see his past, his childhood friends, and the consequences of his choices as a fearless and feared yakuza with powerful morals of justice, duty, and more. The 2005 timeline likely follows the games, when he is released from jail after being imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit. He is trying to change and leave the yakuza life behind for good.

When and Where to Watch

Kazuma Kiryu holding a glass and staring off.

The adaptation will have six episodes total, with the first three released on October 25 and the last three released on November 1. It will be exclusively available on Amazon Prime Video. The series will have options for subbed and dubbed in 30 languages, and will be available to stream in over 100 countries.

Will an adaptation of a video game actually work? You’ll just have to see for yourself when it releases!

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